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This course is designed for writers of ALL GENRES, published or unpublished.

You do NOT need to be a member of PASIC to join.

You’ll work at your own pace, on your own level.

EMPOWERING CHARACTERS’ EMOTIONS (details below) — a PASIC exclusive (will not be offered again this year).

Presenter: Margie Lawson

Cost: $20.00 PASIC members, $30.00 non-members – payable by PayPal

Deadline to Register: February 27, 2010



Would you like to learn how to:

  • Capture emotion on the page?
  • Hook the reader by eliciting a visceral response?
  • Analyze your scenes?
  • Fix scenes that don’t work?
  • Increase micro-tension?
  • Add psychological power to a good scene and make it stellar?

This power-packed on-line class covers the following topics and more:

  • The EDITS System
  • Deep Editing techniques
  • Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion
  • The Full Range of Body Language: Facial expressions, Dialogue Cues, Proxemics, Posture, Gestures, Avoidance and Deception Cues
  • Fresh Visceral Responses
  • Cliché-busting
  • Motivation Reaction Units
  • Ideomotoric shifts
  • Subtext Power
  • Emotional Authenticity
  • Backstory Management
  • Emotional Hits
  • Rhythm and Cadence and Beats
  • Carrying a Nonverbal Image Forward
  • Projecting Emotion for a Non-POV character

About the Presenter:

Margie Lawson—psychotherapist, writer, and international presenter – focuses her analytical skills on writing craft. A former adjunct professor, Margie taught psychology courses at the graduate and doctoral levels. Applying her expertise

in the writing world, she developed innovative editing systems and deep editing techniques. Her deep editing tools are used by all writers, from beginners to multi-award winners. She teaches writers how to edit for psychological power, how to immerse the reader in the fictional world, how to write page turners.

Margie developed six on-line courses she teaches once per year. The lectures from all her courses are available as Lecture Packets through Paypal from her web site.

  • Empowering Characters’ Emotions
  • Deep Editing: The EDITS System, Rhetorical Devices, and More
  • Digging Deep in to the EDITS System
  • Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors
  • Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist
  • Powering Up Body Language in Real Life: Projecting a Professional Persona When Pitching and Presenting

In the last six years, Margie presented full day Master Classes for writers fifty-four times, sharing her deep editing techniques with over four thousand writers. Last year Margie was brought in as a guest speaker to present full day Master Classes in Melbourne for Romance Writers of Australia, and in Auckland, for Romance Writers of New Zealand.

To learn about Margie’s 3-day Immersion Master Classes, full day Master Class presentations, on-line course schedule, Lecture Packets, or newsletter, visit:

Read what graduates of Margie Lawson’s courses and master classes say:

Randy Ingermanson, Ph. D., author of WRITING FICTION FOR DUMMIES, award-winning fiction author, creator of Snow-Flake Pro, in-demand writing instructor:

In the twenty years I’ve been writing fiction, two teachers have astounded me with their insights and taught me something radically new: Dwight Swain and Margie Lawson.

After reading Margie’s material on nonverbal communication and empowering characters’ emotions, something clicked in my brain. Margie taught me a new ways to empower my writing.

Karin Tabke, Bestselling author:

I had so many epiphany moments Saturday my head was twitching. It’s still twitching! I wish I had attended Margie’s Empowering Characters’ Emotions master class earlier. My writing is stronger, more vivid, more emotional. The effects of the workshop were immediate. I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to take Margie’s workshop in person, do it.

Colleen Coble, CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers and Bestselling author:

The workshop I went to last month was the best I’ve ever been to, bar none. And I’ve been to plenty. Margie’s workshop was so awesome, I’m going over my notes from what she taught before I start my next book. She’s a genius, pure and simple.

Melanie Milburne, Bestselling, Award Winning author:

I just sold my 31st title and my editor loved the book. She thought I had written a really sophisticated story with powerful emotion. So thank you Margie!

I have worked my way through Margie’s Empowering Characters’ Emotions, and Deep Editing Lecture Packets, and found them wonderful. Her deep editing techniques have really lifted my writing. It’s so exciting working on each new novel now knowing I have these amazing techniques to engage the reader in a more emotionally satisfying way. Thank you again, Margie!

Cheryl Wyatt, Award Winning author:

I LOVED Margie Lawson’s class. WOW. WOW. WOW. Wish I would have discovered her sooner. Fabulous. My writing will soar to the next level. She’s an incredible teacher and such a fun teacher. Great lady. I plan to take all her online courses.

Jeri Smith-Ready, Bestselling author:

I owe it all to Margie Lawson (and my editor) for helping me whip my books into shape. I used her Empowering Characters’ Emotions and Deep Editing lectures as my bible for my final drafts. I am so grateful I discovered Margie’s editing expertise. I can’t say enough about what a difference it makes to have Margie’s ‘voice’ pushing me to make each word count and each sentence pop!

Linda Warren, Award Winning Best-selling author:

I’m thoroughly enjoying your Deep Editing lectures. And learning. I feel as if I’ve been writing in the dark. All of a sudden you’ve turned on the light and my weak and dull writing is transformed into powerful and fresh. I love it!

As an author I get tired of the “thumping” “pounding” heart. “Lifted” “raised” eyebrow, too.  After your full day Empowering Characters’ Emotions master class at NOLA Stars, I wrote this line: “She cocked her eyebrow with the power of a .38 special.”

As I told you in Shreveport, I’ve never taken a workshop because getting around is so hard for me. I’m glad I waited for a Margie Lawson Master Class to begin to learn about the power of words, the power of writing. You’re brilliant.

CJ Lyons, Award Winning author:

Margie’s Empowering Characters’ Emotions and Deep Editing classes not only helped me to get in touch with my characters’ visceral reactions, they also showed me ways to use my characters’ emotions to drive my plots in compelling and evocative new directions!

Lyn Cote, Bestselling, RITA nominated, author:

I love a teacher who knows how to break down the individual skills and content in order to put into practice what is being taught. I’ve taken Margie’s Character Emotion and EDITS classes and have used them ever since.

Margie’s lessons are always practical and make such a difference! If you haven’t taken them and implemented them, YOU SHOULD.

Deadline to Register: February 27, 2010