Working, Writin', and Watching TV

Okay, so I got half a page done, but that’s because I had a weird work day, working from home because of landscaper issues that actually became a bigger issue. All I will say about it is this: if your job depends on you showing up at a customer’s house when you say you will so that you can do work and get paid for it, then you should actually show up. Especially if your customer arranges to work from home for the day to meet with you.

But I digress.

Must see Tuesday is FOX. Bones played in the background while I finished some day-job stuff, but I zeroed in when House came on. Most people I know watch this show. Bitter enemies can find common ground by saying four little words: “See House last night?”

If you aren’t watching this show, shame on you.

Oh, and saw Chronicles of Narnia on Saturday. It was exactly what I’d hoped it would be: a wonderful, emotional story that totally took me away for a couple of hours. I could delve into comparisons with Lord of the Rings (CS Lewis and Tolkein were contemporaries) but I won’t. I saw this movie and was able to recapture the childhood wonder of reading the book and seeing the animated movie on TV. Only better.

Matinee money well spent.

(added 2 minutes later)

Oh, and does anyone else think Tilda Swinton is scary? You should see her playing the angel Gabriel in Constantine. That’ll keep you up at night.