Working and Writing

I know many authors dream of giving up their day job.  I do too.  But given the poor results of Winter Wonder Write which didn’t even produce 1K a day output, I’m wondering if not having to go to work would be a good thing.

But I’m beginning to think that the problem is that I just can’t write at home.  I hate being domestic.  Hate it.  In fact, one of the first things I plan to do when I have extra cash is hire someone to come do my laundry, kitchen and floors.  Even if it’s just laundry, that would be huge!  When I find myself doing laundry instead of writing, I know I have an issue, and it’s not lack of clean underwear.

This weekend I’m going to try a new (for me) approach.  I’m going to go to my neighborhood library, and try to write there.  No History Channel marathons to distract me, no games on the travel netbook.  Just me, mini-me, and a note pad for 6 hours.  My local library also has study rooms–closed off rooms you can have tutoring or study time in.  Hopeffully I’ll be able to snag one first thing Saturday morning.  Hopefully it will go swimmingly.  I have two significant projects that have to be done very, very soon, and I need all the help I can get!

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  1. Roslyn

    Le t me know how this goes. More and more I’m finding that I’m more productive sitting in front of the telly with a notepad and Whit than I am at the computer. Now if I could only get a laptop it would be all good.

  2. Reon

    The library is heaven for me. We have a wonderful new library here. The restrooms remind me of those you’d find in a high class hotel. It has a coffeehouse cafe with all sorts of snacks and drinks. Yes, you can take your covered drink inside the library!!! I sit down with my laptop, a tall cup of coffee and ear plugs. (Yes, ear plugs in the library for that person who is popping gum. There’s ALWAYS someone doing that much to my chagrin.) I write 5 to 6 hours straight–only stopping for restroom breaks. (Something I have a hard time doing at home because of distractions.) The library is highly recommended.

  3. admin

    Hey Reon–thanks for stopping by! I’m headed out for the library right now. Oh, I hope they have a coffeehouse cafe!

    I’ll report back on my experience–let’s hope it’s a great one!

  4. Dyanne

    Happy New Year, Seressia. Did I tell you that yet? Did I tell you that i love your blog and want mine to look just like it?

    You know there always seem to be something that wants to make you not write. Now you understand why i write in the middle of the night. I have a ton of distractions. Now try to guess when my love scenes come to me. LOL.


  5. Reon

    Glad you had a productive library experience, Seressia. I tried one of those special rooms at our library. I couldn’t stay because it was too cold in there–especially in the summer because of the air conditioning. The temp is more comfortable in the more populated areas. Not sure what the special rooms are like in the winter.

  6. Roslyn

    You couldn’t just bring a small space heater? I keep one under my desk at home and use it all the time. I don’t know why, but my study (guest bedroom) is the coldest room in the house, just as it was in our previous house. Strange.

  7. Seressia

    It’s the Dunwoody one. I got there about 45 minutes after opening, and it was decently populated. More people were there by the time I left.

    I’ll be back this coming Saturday and I don’t think I’ll bother with one of the rooms. I’ll have my iPod on (instrumental writing mix, doncha know) and hopefully I’ll be warmer and even more productive. There are some late hours midweek, but it would just be easier for me to stay later at the day job then swing by there.

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