Win a trip to Obamapalooza!

Uh, I mean the inauguration!

All you have to do is answer the question: “What does this inauguration mean to you?” and you could win a trip to the swearing in, the parade, and one of the balls.  Oh, and you also get plane fare and hotel for two nights, for two people.

Come on, writers.  Y’all know y’all want to be there.  Go to: which will divert to a fundraising page, but donating to underwrite the inauguration isn’t required.

3 Replies to “Win a trip to Obamapalooza!”

  1. Cheryl alexander

    I thank this is a wonderful day and History for all black are being made. Martin Luther King dream is coming a live. A lot of slaves and young kids are seen that a change can be made.
    Even if you are black we can make it. yes we can. No matter what comes our way just set your mind to make a change in your life and you can do it. there a lot of people behind you when you are making a change for the good

  2. Susie Clark

    I truly believe that for the first time we might really show the rest of the world that we are the UNITED States of America. I am white and a woman, if that matters. Charity begins at home and by taking care of our own, standing up for our constitution- regardless of race, creed or color ,maybe we are proving that for the 1st time with this election.that we put our money where our mouth is . I am very proud of us as a Nation for finanlly accomplishing this. It give our nation hope for the future.

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