Weird loves

People throw that word around a lot, and so it’s meaning has become diluted. I’m referring to one of the more diluted meanings for love, as in “I love chocolate!” So, why is this weird? Because of my loves:

I love Jackie Chan and Zahi Hawass.

I gather some of you may not know (or understand) so I’ll explain. I have a lifelong fascination with Ancient Egypt. I have a slew of research books and I’ve watched every special and show that’s been done. The Discovery Channel is doing a series of shows on Egypt tonight, centering around the discovery of an uncharted tomb in the Valley of the Kings earlier this year. Tonight they’re opening a sealed coffin.

Dr. Zahi Hawass is Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. He’s the only one authorized to open sealed coffins. What I love about him is his absolute zeal for his work. The man loves his job, believes in it, and it makes you love it too.

Jackie Chan, what can I say? He’s funny, flexible, and my height. Both men have these infectious smiles. I want to have dinner with both of them, just to listen to them talk about their work. Really. I wouldn’t stalk them. Blatantly.

**EDIT: I re-read my message before posting it, and that last sentence originally read: I would stalk them. Freudian slip? Absolutely.**

No mummy was found, but lots of treasures. They think the tomb was for Tut’s mother. Since she was the second wife of Akenaten, she wouldn’t have a fancy tomb. It’s still exciting.

And I still love Dr. Zahi.

And Jackie.