Drought + Freeze Warning = WTF?

So I get home today to find a notice on the townhouse door. The management company has a Freezing Weather policy that they wanted to make me aware of. Basically, I have to turn on every faucet in the house, both hot and cold taps, and run a stream at the thickness of pencil, until they take the signs down.

    Did I mention I pay the water bill?
    Did I mention I have six faucets in my townhouse?
    Did I mention Georgia is still suffering from drought, and that we barely escaped having the driest year on record by five-hundredths of an inch?

Oh, and I also have to run the heat so that the interior will remain at least 60 degrees, and I have to open the cabinet and closet doors so the pipes can be heated and those areas can be warmed too.

Nice. Wonder if I get a discount for following all their rules.

But hey–it saves them from having to pay for a busted pipe. I’m so glad I can save them money.