Today Was a Good Day

I deposited a royalty check for my first book this morning. Three years of totals are still missing, but hey–I will now be able to keep myself in Froot Loops for another week.

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Ronnie Batchelor on Tuesday rejected a mother’s plea to have the Harry Potter books removed from county school libraries. Harry Potter, 5 – Gwinnett woman who wants to be mom to the rest of the county, 0. (Forgive my snarkiness, but the woman could at least have read ONE of the books before mounting a campaign to remove them from schools because they are “harmful and promote witchcraft and the occult to young people.” ) Hey–even Nora Roberts got mentioned in the comments about the article!

Realized that despite the proposed changes to the super duper secret Published Author Network in Romance Writers of America, I will not be kicked out like I was in Thanksgiving 1999, because I can prove I meet the requirements. (I know it’s like getting back with an abusive lover, but I can change it, I really can, if I stay…)

Weighed in on comments to the proposed contest changes that RWA has even though they don’t effect me. (Come on, those of who who even know that RWA has a contest for its published members–what AA romance actually made the finals? Won? I think there may have been an inspirational one, once. Though I truly do have hope of one day being a finalist in the Paranormal category.) I mean, if erotic romance doesn’t have a chance to get a category–but Inspirational romances do–does a regular AA romance have a hope?

And the voices in my head are still talking to me. They’re talking about the wrong story, of course, but at least they’re talking! After a quick dinner, I am going to stretch out on my bed with a Woodchuck cider and the Pure Moods cd and get my writin’ on.

All in all, a very good day.