To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

This posting is part TMI and part PSA. Read on if you want.

Last night, I had a sleep study done. It was about time. My sleep has been crappy for easily five years, if not more. Constant waking up, sometimes every hour on the hour. Climbing out of bed the next morning just as tired as when I left it. Sitting in the car, meetings, staring at the computer and completely zonking out.

Not the best of situations, let me tell you.

So I went to the Sleep Center at Piedmont Hospital. My room looked like a typical hotel room, and it had one of those Sleep Number beds in it. I wish I had an endorsement for the SN bed, but I don’t. I didn’t get a chance to work the controls. By the time the nurse got finished attaching all the electrodes to me, it was almost 11pm and Good Night, Gracie.

I think it took me half an hour to get to sleep. This despite still being jetlagged from my trip home from California (flight landed at 12:30, I got to bed at 3, woke up for work at 8. ugh.) All those wires, I couldn’t get comfortable. So I thought. It wasn’t long before the nurse woke me up for part two: putting on the CPAP mask. It looked a little something like this:

Oh, I’m going to knock ‘em dead in the bedroom with this one, let me tell you.

Basically this device emits controlled bursts of air that you inhale through your nose, which helps to keep your airway completely open and reduce snoring and mini suffocation attacks that cut off oxygen to the brain. It took a few minutes to match my breathing to the device, simply because it was breathing faster than I was.

I didn’t think I fell asleep at all, but soon enough, the nurse was back, telling me that it was seven AM. Really? Apparently I slept like a rock, even on my back. And yes, I do have moderate sleep apnea. Apparently, I gave good readings, whatever that means. Glad I could oblige. But you know, if it helps me get some much needed restful sleep, I’m all for it. Sound sleep can relieve all manner of ills, high blood pressure, some depression, some memory loss and forgetfulness, and bring on more energy.

Let’s hope so. My writing schedule can use it, believe me.