The Story Behind the Story: No Commitment Required

Every Friday, Seressia will post a short explanation of what went into the development of one of her stories. This week, we kick it off with the book that started it all, No Commitment Required.


Thirteen years ago this November, my very first novel, No Commitment Required, was published. It wasn’t my first story, and it most certainly won’t be the last! I actually started this story way back when I was a senior in high school, when I was deep in my Duran Duran craze.

Back then, the ladies were members of an all-girl band, Scarlett Mane, and the guys were in a very hot rock band named Connexion. It was over-the-top angsty. Once I became a Buckhead Betty on the Atlanta party scene, it morphed, and had the working title Fences. I envisioned a black and white cover, with the white part of the fence gleaming on the black background and the black half of the fence splashed on the white background. It wasn’t going to be about race, it was going to be about the fences, physical and emotional, that people put up to protect themselves–until a very special someone dares to climb the barrier.

Yvonne was always going to be a successful business person because I wasn’t going to let her be anything else. One boyfriend, when I dared talk about my story, said, “Oh, so she’s wrong the wrong side of the tracks?” Needless to say, that was the last night he came over. And the last time I told anyone that I was trying to write, until I joined Georgia Romance Writers.

Is it autobiographical? No, not really. The scene in the club sorta happened to me and some friends. I love lingerie and would certainly love to design a line that truly supports well-endowed women. There’s a cabin on a lake in North Georgia that I enjoy visiting. I may or may not know someone who tried that thing with a warm Krispy Kreme.

In the end, No Commitment Required is a story about people who put up defenses against love for very valid reasons, all the while desperately wanting to find the one person that gets them and fills the emptiness in their hearts, a story about how people who are supposedly so different on the outside are not all that different on the inside.

If you have any questions about my first book–which was re-released in mass market in 2007–please ask in the comments.


3 Replies to “The Story Behind the Story: No Commitment Required”

  1. Mary

    Hi Seressia,

    Is this book available in e-format? I didn’t see it as an option on amazon.


  2. Nica

    I would love to see this wonderful book as an e-book. Do you know if that will be possible in the near future? Can’t wait for your next book 🙂

  3. Seressia Glass Post author

    Hi Mary, hi Nica! Thanks for stopping by. I certainly hope to get the rights back to this story so that I can update it and put it out electronically, but the process has not been easy.

    If I’m unsuccessful, I certainly hope to do a little “where are they now?” type stories in the near future.

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