The Story Behind the Story: No Apologies

Every other Friday or so, Seressia will post a short explanation of what went into the development of one of her stories. This week, we visit the second book, No Apologies.

No Apologies

No Apologies was my second book, the sequel to No Commitment Required. At its heart, it’s a friends to lovers story. I knew I wanted to write one, and I knew that I wanted to show how Angela carried a torch for Jeff. What I didn’t want to do was make it seem like she was simply second choice, which meant Jeff had some serious work to do, and Angela needed to show that she wasn’t going to let him into her arms–or her bed–easily.

So I had to give Angie some baggage. Actually, I think I gave the poor girl an entire luggage store. Guardianship of her cousin’s daughter. A seriously fucked-up mother. An abusive ex-husband. Angie had reasons for acting the way she did, and I wanted to show that she’s a survivor but hardly a victim, even when she seems to just accept the things she doesn’t think she can change.

But I also wanted to show that Jeff had reasons for behaving the way he did. So I made him the eldest sibling of a large family, stepping into his late father’s shoes. He’s protective of those he cares about, and he’ll bear the brunt of his loved ones’ anger if he feels he’s acting for their own good. It’s why he broke up Michael and Yvonne, and why he worked to get them back together. It’s why he left town to get his head on straight and decide that Angela’s the one he wanted. It’s also why he did everything he could to make himself a necessary part of her life.

Any autobiographical elements in this one? Well I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my mother, but it wasn’t like Angie’s relationship with her mother. And I didn’t raise anyone’s kids, for which y’all should be infinitely grateful.

Other interesting tidbit: you’ll notice that Yvonne’s second partner, Gwen, has disappeared from the story. That’s because I decided that character needed to have a full paranormal romance of her own. So I took her out and hoped no one would notice. Did you?

Second tidbit: I really hated this cover. REALLY.

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