The End is Only the Beginning

Image courtesy of Microsoft clipart site

Image courtesy of Microsoft clipart site

There is no greater high than reaching “The End” while making a deadline. I finished the third Sons of Anubis story, CLAIMING THE JACKAL and sent it on to my Harlequin Cravings editor. She’s out on vacation next week, so I won’t know if she likes it until the first of July or so.

I’m always anxious about the reception of my work. Who isn’t? But CLAIMING is last manuscript on the contract, which means it’s time to come up with new stuff for new contracts. That’s always a stress-inducing and simultaneously freeing time.

Hey, I’m a Gemini. I’m always of two minds about everything!

So I’m daydreaming conceptualizing new stories for the Sons of Anubis series, based on some threads I wove into the previous stories. High Priestess Aya is going to get a story, and a human woman stumbles onto something she shouldn’t have seen. Hopefully my editor will like those ideas. I’m also working on a contemporary erotic romance project that I’m really excited about (who isn’t?) especially since I didn’t think I had any contemporary romance ideas.

And, for those of you so patiently waiting, Kira is talking to me! This fourth story is shaping up to be a transition piece in more ways than one, and I’ve got to get past the oh-my-god-what-if-no-one-likes-it mentality and just write the damn thing!

So I’m at an end, but it’s not really an end. It’s the beginning of the next adventure!