Teaser Tuesday: Rode Hard excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from Rode Hard in the What White Boyz Ride anthology AVAILABLE NOW in eBook and Kindle with the paperback releasing next month.  In this teaser, Gina’s gone to visit her grandmothers.  Enjoy!


Nana Maria Ortiz strutted up the hallway in her crisp white capris, sandals and screaming red top.  “How was the wedding?”

“Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  Kat looked radiant.”

“Good.”  Nonny led her over to the Tiffany-colored couch and its fantastic view of the bay.  “Did you catch the bouquet?”

Right to the point.  “I did,” she admitted, dreading their reaction.

Nana O flanked her on the couch, effectively caging her in.  No one had thought the two would get along much less live together after their respective husbands died, but the women hit it off fabulously well, traveling, shopping, cooking together.  The only problem Gina could see was that their favorite hobby was pestering her about marrying again—or actually for real, since neither had considered Paul that much of a catch.

Nana O made the sign of the cross, then clapped her hands together.  “Thank you, Mother Mary, for hearing my prayers.”

“Louisa, don’t scare the girl,” Nonny admonished.  “But if you met someone nice at the reception, we’re all ears.”

“I catered the reception, remember?  I didn’t have time to meet anyone.”  She’d been too busy dodging Pietro’s very drunk and very married younger brother.

“Well how are you going to find a nice young man if you don’t look?” Nonny wondered.  “Our David needs a real father, not that sorry, jet-setting excuse of a sperm donor.”


“Don’t mind Hannah,” Nana O said, patting Gina’s hand.  “But she’s telling the truth.  We’ve talked to some of our friends and think we’ve come up with a list of good men who are much better than Paul.  Once you get settled in, we can call—”

“I met someone!”

Did she really say that?  Looking from one hopeful face to the other, Gina realized that she actually had.  She put her head in her hands.  “Oh God.”

“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain,” her grandmothers admonished in unison.  “Tell us about this someone instead.”

Well, she’d stuck her foot in it.  Might as well get into the hoo-hah up to her neck.  Better to let them think Matt has potential than to suffer through their attempts at matchmaking.  “His name is Matt.  Matthew Ryan.  I knew him in high school.”

Nonny L sniffed.  “Doesn’t sound like he’s Jewish.”

“Or Latino.”

“He’s not,” Gina said, then told them something she’d knew would make them happy.  “He owns his own business up in Daytona.  He wants me to cater an event for him.”

“Is he a doctor?”

“Is he a lawyer?”

Gina lifted her chin.  “He designs custom motorcycles.”

Nonny frowned.  “Like Pimp My Ride or American Chopper?”

“Pimp My… what do you know about those shows?”

“Sweetie, I’m retired, not dead.”

Nana leaned closer.  “Is he hot?”

Gina shot to her feet.  She’d forgotten how dizzying it was to be double-teamed by her grannies.  Most of the time she loved it, but it wore her out.  “Do you both say stuff just to shock me?”
“It’s a valid question,” Nana said.  “He owns a business, that’s good.  And designing motorcycles, that means he rides them too.  But for you to be interested, he’s got to be hot.”

“You do like them pretty, dear,” Nonny added.  “Paul was nice looking, but didn’t have the common sense God gave a palm tree.  His only talent is his ability to attract pretty women with money.”

“Which explains why he’s with Janice,” Gina said, not bothering to hide her bitterness.  She’d been amicable about the divorce until she’d found out Paul had been seeing Janice while still married.

Nana coughed.  “So, this Matthew, he’s not going to crack any mirrors, is he?”

“No, he won’t.”  Gina pulled out her phone and showed them Matt’s picture, then told them just about everything she’d discovered about her old friend over the last several days.  “He’s a good guy that had some bad stuff happen to him, but it’s all behind him now.  He’s completely different from how I knew him in high school.  I mean, he’s still funny, still a little geeky, but my God, did he grow up fine.”

Nonny leaned over to Nana O.  “She’s got that look in her eye.”

“I know.  I’m so glad.”

Gina folded her arms.  “Do I even want to know what look you’re talking about?”

Nonny shrugged.  “Probably not.”

“Tell me.”

“That’s the look of someone who’s had really good sex,” Nana explained.  “I know that look.”

“So do I.”  They both sighed.

Gina felt her mouth open and close several times.  “That’s what I get, it’s totally what I get for asking.  I really don’t want to think of either of you with my granddads.”

“Who’s talking about your grandfathers?  I’m talking about Silas down in 12-A.  He’s a bit younger, but he keeps up okay.”

Nonny nudged Nana O.  “Louisa, I don’t think the girl wants to hear about our dating lives.”

“Especially not when you’re getting more action than I am,” Gina added.  “I think I’m jealous.  In fact, I know I am.”
“Then you should invite your Matthew down for the weekend.  Show him around Miami.  Let us meet him.”

“Don’t even try it, Nana,” Gina warned, wagging her finger at them.  “Matt’s coming down so we can go to the reunion together, but I don’t think I want to let him anywhere near the two of you.”