Teaser Tuesday: a little more SPICE!

In SPICE, Kane and Nadia get together to reenact scenes from a medieval Arabic sex manual known as The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delights.   In the late 1800’s it was wildly embellished by Sir Richard Burton for his Kama Shastra Society.  You can view the Burton text online at www.sacred-texts.org or a translation of the original at Archive.org

For some people, having love like a drug is the ultimate. For Nadia Spiceland, it’s reason to run. She co-owns Sugar and Spice bakery and café. Along with her partner Siobahn “Sugar” Malloy, she creates signature soups and couture confections for the coeds and businesspeople that call Crimson Bay home. It’s a far cry from her rise and fall as a celebrity chef and reality TV star, and three years after her stint in drug rehab, she’s learned that strictly controlling all aspects of her life is the safest way to play it.

But a woman has needs, and Nadia is ready for…not a relationship, but the benefits that come with it. Like a steady supply of sex. She wants excitement, someone capable of uninhibited and passionate sex. Someone she can cede this one area of her life to. Someone who knows what The Perfumed Garden is. Her friends challenge her to jump into the deep end, and who better to jump with than Professor Sex?

Doctor Kaname Sullivan, professor of Human Sexuality Studies at the nearby college, is known as Dr. Sex by the abundance of female coeds crowding his classes. A frequent customer, he’s had his eye on Nadia for weeks. After overhearing the ladies’ conversation, he tells Nadia that not only does he know the details of The Perfumed Garden, he’s more than able to help her discover it. Their connection is immediate and consuming, but to Nadia there’s a difference in being an expert on sex and an expert at sex. Intrigued and more than willing to jumpstart her stifled love life, Nadia agrees to meet the professor at dinner.

The man she meets at the restaurant is even more magnetic than the man she knows at the cafe: alluring, sexy, masterful. This man is one she wants to uncover and discover—if he’s worth it, and if he can accept the fact that she’s a rehab graduate. When he professes no issues with her past, she hands him a wireless vibrator controller. Kane more than rises to the challenge. Before their tapas arrive she is thrumming with need, but Kane keeps her on the edge of bliss, quoting passages from a variety of erotic texts to lure her further into his sensual web. After dinner they share their first kiss in the parking lot, a kiss so fiery it is all they can do to make it to Nadia’s condo. There, they both unleash barely restrained passion, leaving each other breathless and wanting more.

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