Teaser Tuesday 03/17: The Sharpest Edge

Here’s another sneak peek into The SHARPEST EDGE, coming in the Carnivale Diabolique anthology from Parker Publishing, releasing in print in July!  To add to the excitement, one of the three stories is by the very talented Dyanne Davis, known for her sexy and psychotic vampire, Adam Omega.


“The demons that killed your friend and our former Mistress are under the direction of another demon, named Kolliadon.  He’s trying to get through.  If he can find a weak point, he will come through.  With the death of your portal guardian, we can only assume he means to try to break through here.”

“You’re kidding right?  This is unbelievable.”

“You see demons.  How can you think this is unbelievable?”

That slammed her lips shut.  She pried them open again.  “You’re saying that Miss Bessie Ann guarded a portal to hell.  She was killed because demons wanted to be able to use it, and that’s why there are so many more of them around.”

Delki nodded.  “With the death of the Guardian, the locks on the portal have weakened.  We’re sure that Kolliadon will try to break through the seals here, sooner rather than later.  The fact that you’ve seen so many demons around suggests that the time is short, possibly on or before the longest night.”

The thought of Elberton overrun by demons at the winter solstice almost brought her funnel cake back up for a return engagement.  “Okay, so in less than a week, there might be a full-out demon fight in my town.  But you guys are here now.  You’re going to stop this, right?”

“We can only kill the demons congregating in town,” Anaru explained.  “Only a guardian can make sure the doorway remains blocked.”

“But with Miss Bessie Ann gone, who’s going to… wait.”  The light bulb clicked on as she noticed their expectant expressions.  “No.  Oh, hell no.  Y’all have been inhaling the helium for way too long.”