Sons of Anubis: Teaser and a Trip!


Today I’m blogging over at Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance Blog, sharing how I use my love of Ancient Egypt in my new series. Please stop by and share your tales of how your hobbies have become your vocation!


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He took her into the surprisingly large bathroom and placed her atop the closed commode. A luxurious glassed-in shower dominated the space, its sand beige tiles interspersed with cobalt and turquoise squares imprinted with gold lotus flowers. So, not a cell at all. “This is your room, isn’t it?”


“Why no windows in the bedroom?”

“I live here to be available for the clan,” he answered. “I catch sleep when I can, and having no windows makes that easier.” He opened the glass door and reached for the water handle. “I’ll start it for you.”

“Thank you.” Tia watched the muscles play over his back as he twisted the handle, sending water gushing into the enclosed space. The jackal was a fine specimen of a man with his wide shoulders, tight buns and powerful legs. Lethal grace and strength wrapped a keen mind and a fierce spirit, all very attractive qualities that called to her. Her magic stirred again, rumbling in harmony with her empty stomach. What would it be like, she wondered, to blend their magics together, to feel his body moving with hers?

“Tia?” Roughness filled his voice, though his tone sounded as if he’d called her name more than once.

She forced herself to raise her gaze from his body to his face. Mmm, his lips looked tasty, too. “Yes?”

“Are you okay?” Concern darkened his topaz gaze.

No, she wasn’t. She’d always had a healthy sex drive, but being close to Markus was like adding gas to a fire. “I need,” she explained, knowing it wasn’t much of an explanation at all. She tried again. “I need to replenish. Untying the curse is more draining than I expected.”

She didn’t want to tell him that the quickest way for her to replenish was through sex.


Now available for pre-order at AmazonKobo   l  Barnes and Noble