Sick Again

Yesterday was rainy and 67 degrees. Today there were snow flurries and the high is 39. Low tonight in the 20’s. And once again, I am sick. Day three of the sore throat and ears. All I want to do is curl up on my couch with the last Harry Potter book that I’ve owned for six months and STILL haven’t read.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my characters won’t let me. And I mean a lot of them. Maybe it’s the sickness, but I have characters from four separate stories all vying for attention. I sent off blurbs to my editor for the upcoming anthologies (you can check them out on my WIP page) one of which was a story I hadn’t even named the heroine for. But the story just popped into my head, clear as crystal and just as bright. I’m going to enjoy writing about Anaru and Cam. If you thought Dream of Shadows was dark, wait until you check out this premise for the anthology Carnivale Diabolique.

Right now, I’m finishing up IN WALKS TROUBLE, my story in the last of the Vegas Bites Trilogy. It was supposed to be very action oriented, but it looks instead like it’s going to be another angst-filled, character-driven tale. I hope people don’t mind, but I think my co-authors are well and truly able to deliver action.

When I get done with that, I’m going to immediately roll into RODE HARD, which is a sequel of sorts to my entry in my latest release, What White Boyz Want. Gina is sarcastic and funny and deserves her own story. Come on, her name is Regina Maria Lourdes Lieberman, and she’s a black Puerto Rican Jewish woman. She’s got to have a sense of humor.

And then, then I get to THE SHARPEST EDGE, which is my entry for Carnivale Diabolique. I really do enjoy writing novellas. I think they’re perfect for my Geminian short attention span nature.

By the way, those of you waiting for the sequel to DREAM OF SHADOWS, I need to offer my apologies. Between real-life issues and the current writing schedule, the sequel hasn’t been written yet and therefore won’t be out until late 2009 or early 2010. But the good news is that it will be A CURSE OF SHADOWS, chronicling the story of Nicole’s parents, the Romanian parapsychologist Stefan Antonescu and Arielle Legere, who became head of her family at 19. That means it will be an interracial paranormal historical romantic thriller. Confusing enough? Yeah, I’m a touch ambitious–or a glutton for punishment.

Apparently I’m sick in more ways than one.