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Sharon Cullars Fundraiser

Posted Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
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You all know the economy sucks hairy donkey balls.  You all know that for every writer making a living from his or her work, there are dozens if not hundreds who aren’t.  Many are just finanically unable to leave their day jobs.  In black romance that number is probably statistically higher.

Author Sharon Cullars is feeling the pinch of this current climate keenly.  She’s been unable to find a replacement day job for quite soem time now.  As a result, she’s in danger of being foreclosed on.  Now if you know Sharon, you know this isn’t something that she’d willingly share with the public.  Fellow author Rozlyn Hardy Holcomb ound out about it and started a fundraiser.

So if you’ve ever read Again or The Object of Love and enjoyed them, please consider donating at:

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