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Shadow Chase reviews

Posted Friday, August 27th, 2010

Reviews are starting to come in for Shadow Chase!  Here’s one from Urban Paranormal Book Blog:

This book outdoes the first in more ways than I really could have imagined. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be better than the first book and was looking for a huge fail.

Key points: It wasn’t as repetitive as the first book.
We get lots of new background information on Kira. Thank goodness!
Bernie shows up again in this one.

Key points: It moved so much faster than the first book.
There’s more drama in this book.
The action is tons better in this book. LOVED IT!

And another from Fantasy Literature:

 We travel with Kira, Khefar, and friends to London, Cairo, Aswan, and an eerie alternate dimension, and Seressia Glass puts them through the physical and emotional wringer several times. In terms of the adventure aspect, the Egypt sections could have used a little more description to help “transport” the reader there, but nonetheless the story is enjoyable. We also get plenty of development on the romance front.

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