Seressia Glass: My Sexy Saturday

Hello, everyone!

Hunting the Jackal coverNight time is always the right time for something a little sexy! This seven paragraph excerpt is from my novella Hunting the Jackal that was part of Harlequin’s Nocturne Cravings line and the second story of the Sons of Anubis series. Kurik and Rashon are jackal mates who both have desire for their new clanmate, Amarie. Unable to deny her attraction to both, she’s promised them a night of pleasure.  Enjoy!



“We want you,” Rashon said, speaking for both of them. He pushed his plate away. “You promised us a night.”

“I did. And I want it. But—“

Rashon leaned forward, cutting off her words. “Tonight is that night, Amarie. I think it’s time to show you how much we want you.”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened. “But Kurik’s cake…?”

Kurik pulled the bowl of extra frosting closer. Capturing her gaze, he slowly scooped up a finger’s full of the decadent confection. Her lips parted to take his offering, and as much as he would have enjoyed the sensation of her sucking on him, he had other ideas.

He leaned forward, drew a line of chocolate frosting down the hollow between her breasts. “Ah, damn, I’ve got frosting on you. Rashon, can you help me out?”

“My pleasure.”


I hope you enjoyed my excerpt! If you’d like to learn more about my jackal shapeshifters who worship the Egyptian god Anubis, please check out my Paranormal Romance page. If you’d like to purchase Hunting the Jackal, click here: Amazon l Kobo l Barnes and Noble| Books-a-Million