RT pictures

Not as many as I could have, and not as many as I do have (some just need to be mailed to the parties involved with instructions on where to leave the money…)

me with cover model fred

Me with Cover Model, Fred. He writes poetry, ladies!

Me with Kathryn Falk

Me with Kathryn Falk. Somehow the second apple martini convinced me it was a good idea to squeeze the girls into a leather corset…

Vixenne, Julian, and me

Believe it or not, ladies, the first thing you notice are his amazing…eyes.

cleavage anyone?

All I can say is that it must have been a lack of oxygen that made me take another picture…

Vix and Ryan

He’s single, South African, and looking for a special someone, and he has nice…hair.

Some of my other highlights of RT? Talking to Kate Duffy. Talking to Beverly Jenkins. Sitting next to Rebecca York and chatting with her husband wearing his “Ask me about my wife’s books!” button. Hanging in the bar. Having the entire bar know why I yelled out, “Where’s my pie?!” Kissing Rodney on the head. Yes, the one above his shirt!