Reality Check: Reviews

A lot of bloffle is going around Romancelandia about reader’s reviews and review sites. Authors complaining about mean reviews, getting all sour grapes over some site I’ve never even heard of, how only professionals should write reviews, or “please go write glowing reviews to drown out the 2-star review I just got on Amazon.”

Ah, chickies, if only I could get half the review sites that you bitch complain about to even consider reading my books.

This is what I get for reading Monica Jackson’s blog before posting to my own.

Guess what? If anyone has a right to review a book, it’s the flippin’ reader. ESPECIALLY if s/he actually BOUGHT THE DAMN THING.

If someone didn’t like your book, GET OVER IT. Better yet, WRITE ANOTHER BOOK. Or, and this is a really novel concept, STOP READING THE FREAKIN’ REVIEWS.

Stop crying in your freakin’ cheerios. At least your book is getting reviewed. How ’bout those sour grapes?