Promo venues

Over on Blogging in Black, I posted about different promotional venues for writers of color. As I said there:

I’ve just realized belatedly that E. Lynn Harris and Terry McMillian and Tyler Perry didn’t hit best sellerdom by going to RWA or RT. Not that I’m giving either of those up, but I go with the knowledge that, based on my experiences, I’m not going to find a large pool of eligible readers at either event.

But if I can do the out-of-the-box marketing and promoting and be successful at it, then maybe sending out an email blast that I’m at either event WILL draw my readers there.

Perhaps instead of “eligible” readers, I should say, ready-to-purchase-my-books readers there. There are a few, do not get me wrong. But the odds are not in my favor at those events. So I’m spreading m wings, trying a different flight plan. I have no idea if it’ll work, since it requires me to be less reticent than I’m used to when not playing off my friends.

Still go over to BiB and check out my ideas. And if you know of other events that would be good for a writer of paranormal, interracial and African-American romance, let me know.