The good news is, I wasn’t among the 500 people my company released this week. Bad news is, I knew some of the folks who were in that number, and my heart goes out to them. My boss was a casualty. Half my team’s job was taken away as well.

So stuff like this puts things into perspective. You have to always have contingency plans. I’d love to say that if the worst happened, I could make a living on my writing. I can’t. My 1099s prove that much to me.  Few black romance authors can, though there are some that do. I’m working on being part of that some, I really am. It’s not easy when you’re a household of one. It’s not as easy to take a risk, say, quitting the day job and hoping I can make it writing fiction and freelance. But write fiction full time and live off it, I want to do that. At least, I have motivation to try.

I’ve finally begun diversifying my portfolio and I feel really good about the prospects.  This will probably be the only time that I’ll mention it on this blog.  It’s part to avoid cross-pollination, and it’s part experimentation.  I want to see how much $$ she can make versus what I can make.  It’ll sure be interesting.