Hunting the Jackal



Sons of Anubis #2

A newcomer to the clan, jackal shifter Amarie has tried to deflect the interest of male jackals, hiding a secret that could destroy her prospects as a mate. But she can’t deny that warriors Kurik and Rashon, who have forged their own relationship, fuel her sensual fantasies.

Despite his strong bond with Kurik, Rashon’s heart has made room for Amarie—and he wants to make to room for her in their bed, too. At first Kurik fears losing his lover, but the temptation of sharing her as their mate is too tempting to resist. And if any female can handle two virile jackal guards, it’s Amarie…

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~ Excerpt ~


Leaving her bedroom and morbid thoughts behind, she headed down the hall, pausing at the darkened alcove to say a prayer of thanks at the statue of Anubis for Rashon’s recovery. She continued on to find Kurik in the kitchen, drinking a glass of orange juice. The smell of frying bacon and brewing coffee seduced her nose. So did watching the golden column of Kurik’s throat as he swallowed.

He gave her a smile as he placed the glass in the sink. “Hey. I’m making a celebration breakfast—bacon, eggs, the works. I could use a hand with shredding the potatoes.”

It was their usual routine, since her only kitchen skills consisted of knife work and other prep, but no way could she sit there and watch Kurik make breakfast and pretend that nothing had happened, no matter how hungry she was. And what if Rashon joined then? Talk about awkward. “No, thanks. Besides, I figured you guys would want more alone time.”

“Rashon’s in the shower.” He smiled in obvious relief and satisfaction. “And we had our alone time.”

“Good.” Her stomach clenched, but she didn’t know if it was hunger for breakfast or the images that bludgeoned her imagination. She edged toward the door. “I-I mean, he’s gonna be okay, then. I’m glad.”

Kurik frowned, his amber gaze missing nothing. “Amarie, I can hear your stomach growling from here. You stayed in jackal form with Rashon and me for the past two nights, waiting for him to wake up. You need food. We all do. Sit.”

She instantly obeyed the demand, sitting at the breakfast bar. He poured a mug of coffee, adding sweetener and an inch of cream just the way she liked it before pressing it into her hands. “Here you go.”

Lifting the mug, she drew a deep breath in. Her eyes slid shut as she took a careful sip, then she moaned as caffeinated warmth slipped down her throat. “Gods, that’s so good.”

A strangled sound had her opening her eyes. Kurik stared at her, unsmiling, his yellow eyes glinting with intensity. “Kurik, are you all right?”

He blinked and then shook his head. “Yeah.”

“Um—” she pointed behind him “—the bacon’s burning.”

Snarling, Kurik spun away to handle the bacon. Amarie stared down at her mug, hunching her shoulders defensively. Kurik never burned food, and he’d never snarled at her, even when she’d made mistakes adjusting to the clan. She could only think of one reason why he’d be angry.

“Are you mad at me?”

Silence. Then big hands slid around hers on the mug, trapping her. “Amarie. Look at me. Please.”

The please did it. Slowly she raised her gaze to his. His expression had softened into another sort of intensity, one that made her stomach clench for an entirely different reason. “Why would I be mad at you, sweetheart?”

“Because.” She licked her lips, conscious of the warmth of his fingers wrapped around hers. “Because I kissed Rashon.”

His low chuckle skated over her senses. “Rashon kissed you if I recall. Then you kissed him back. I wasn’t bothered. Well, maybe a little.”

She dropped her gaze again. “I’m sorry.”

“You should be. Leaving me out like that.”


“Where’s my kiss?” A teasing glint lit his eyes. “Are you going to leave me hanging?”

Kurik wanted her to kiss him, too? Her stomach fluttered. Was it just because he was jealous or because he wanted her kiss, and more? She didn’t know what was going on with the two men or why she’d suddenly become the center of their attention, but she liked it.

Available for order at Amazon l Kobo l Barnes and Noble | Books-a-Million

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