Trying to Query?

If you’re trying to query editors and agents and want an idea of what they want, you might want to get on Twitter.  A group of editors and agents recently did a Query Fail day in which they share (high level) queries that didn’t work for them.

Agent Colleen Lindsay has more info on it on her blog, and you can follow the Twitter aggregate here. Some people didn’t like it, but in this business, it’s not about your feelings, it’s about the writing.  Do what you need to do to get your story read.  If some of these editors and agents are ones that you’re interested in, it would do you well to know what flips their switch.

Just sayin’.

Book Industry News

Barnes and Noble just bought large eBook etailer Fictionwise, for a cool 15.7 million.  The purchase also includes the website, both of which have survived and thrived since 2000.

I kinda think that’s proof that eBooks should befiguring in your writing world.  B&N already sells e-readers in their stores.

In other news, Borders just slashed 742 store managers and supervisors.

Thanks, Tor!

The UPS man just left after delivering a signed copy of Bones of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I’m giddy that I won and that I have the book, but sad that I can’t start it until I finish this %#@! I-love-it-so-much manuscript.

I’ve been a fan of Weis and Hickman ever since a one-night-stand turned me on to the The Death Gate Cycle more years ago than I care to remember.

What White Boyz Ride: eBook

I just found out that the eBook (pdf) of What White Boyz Ride is now available for purchase and the print version will be out mid-March. Here’s a bit more about it:

Baby Its Cold Outside, Karen White Owens presents Resa Warren who reluctantly accepts a job in ice cold Michigan. She meets a handsome skier who sets fire to her heart. But is this sexy ski bum hot enough to keep her warm on long winter nights?

In Natalie Dunbar’s Knight On A Jet Ski, Alexis Calhoun works on a secluded island. After nearly drowning, she is rescued by a hunky actor on a jet ski. Will their passion survive once they are off the island?

Seressia Glass’s Regina Lieberman in Rode Hard is in a rut. She agrees to take a ride on the back of a studly man’s custom-made motorcycle. Can these two unexpected lovers keep moving when a secret threatens to derail their desire?

Enjoy the Ride by Kelley Nyrae presents Evangeline Sinclair blowing off steam after passing her bar exam. She heats the slopes with a hot snowboarder in a affair hot enough to melt snow off the mountains. But will their fling last longer than a thrilling downhilll ride?

Simone Harlow’s Robey Wade is a girl in control of every aspect of her life until she she takes her first surfing lesson. She meets a handsome surfer who takes her on the wave of a lifetime. Will this mismatched couple learn to go with the Flow and let love rule?

Go forth and buy for only $6!

New Jersey Romance Conference: Proposal Call


2009 NJRW Conference Call for Workshop Proposals!!

Due to some technical difficulties with the online submission
process, we are extending the deadline for submission of workshop
proposals for this year’s 25th anniversary New Jersey Romance Writers
Conference to MARCH 15, 2009!!

NJRW’s Put Your Heart in a Book Conference is building toward another
great year, and we want you to be part of it. The conference is being
held on Oct. 23-24, 2009, in Iselin, N.J., and we’ve got some great
plans to celebrate our silver anniversary.

If you have an interesting workshop idea and want to be part of this
renowned regional conference, please visit us online to complete a
proposal form:

You’ll be in great company:
* Keynote Speaker — Karen Rose
* Luncheon Speaker — Allison Brennan
* Special Presentation Speaker — Angela Knight

If you have several ideas, please submit one proposal at a time; do
not group them together.

If you have any questions, or experience any difficulties using the
online submission method, please feel free to contact me at
jnbkerber at verizon dot net.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Beth-Ann Kerber
2009 NJRW Conference Chair


Want Free Books?

JM Jeffries is cleaning out the backlist closet.  If you want to get in on the free book schwag visit their blog for more info.  Oh and feel free to spread the book lovage!

Teaser Tuesday: more of The Sharpest Edge

Here’s the first two unedited pages of The Sharpest Edge, coming soon in the Carnivale Diabolique anthology from Parker Publishing:


Chapter One

A man and a demon walk into a bar…

“Well, will you look at that.”

Cam looked, and almost dropped the coffee carafe. Everyone had turned to stare at the towering, bronze-skinned man with black tribal markings etched into the left side of his face. Definitely not a common occurrence in Elberton, Georgia.

The demon that came in behind him?  She’d seen plenty of those, unfortunately.

She forced herself to resume pouring Willie’s coffee. “I’d heard that a carnival was coming to town. Looks like it’s here.”

“Is he the strong man or the side show?”

“Those tattoos mean he’s Maori, from down by New Zealand way. Ain’t you ever seen Whale Rider?”

Willie frowned. “Is that some kind of interracial porno?”

Cam shook her head. “There are times when I’m glad you can’t contribute to the gene pool, and this is one of ‘em.” She returned the carafe to its warmer, then moved behind the counter to greet the new arrival.  She stood an even six feet barefoot, but this guy had at least five inches on her.  Man, they sure grow ’em big Down Under. “Welcome to Cam’s Café.”

“Thanks.”  His voice, a surprising tenor instead of a bass rumble, held just a bit of an accent.  He slid onto a stool as she held her breath, but the seat took his weight.  Her peripheral vision caught the demon sliding onto the stool to his left.  “Seems like a nice place.”

“We do all right.”  She reached beneath the counter for a menu, placed it in front of him.  She so wasn’t getting out a menu for a demon.  “You with the carnival, I guess?”

“Yes.  We pulled in about an hour ago.”  He picked up the menu with large hands covered in black swirling patterns, like a masculine version of lace.  It made her wonder if his entire body was marked, but she was too polite to ask.  Just like she wouldn’t ask if he knew he had a demon for a shadow.  Sticking one’s nose into other folk’s business could get you killed, and Cam liked her life just fine.

“I don’t suppose you have hot tea?”

“I do.  It’s the closest you’re going to get to unsweet tea around here.  I got a bunch of different herbal kinds you can choose from.”

“Excellent.  I’ll take tea and a cup of coffee, black.  Oh and if you have tomato juice, I’d like a glass of that with a bottle of Tabasco sauce.”

Cam raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.  Did the guy know he had a demon—and was actually buying it a drink?  If so, he was dangerous.  Maybe the entire carnival had demons and humans who could not only see them, but wanted them around.

Big problem.  She suppressed a shudder as she moved off to fill his drink order.  Too many demons running free.  Part of the reason she’d come to Elberton and stayed was because the town was full of honestly good people of different faiths, a mysterious tourist attraction called the Georgia Guidestones, and absolutely no demons.  That had been two years ago.  Just when she’d finally gotten past being “the outsider” and had made her café one of the main congregation spots, demons started appearing.

It was enough to make her wonder if she was the magnet that drew them.

Friday the 13th: My Lucky Day

Well, the writing weekend was supposed to happen next weekend, but the day job hits critical mass next week– which means long days with programming training as we get ready for pilot.  I don’t mind, because this is a really big project for my team and major kudos will be given if when it works.

It does suck hairy donkey balls (TM Karen Scott) because the planned four-day writing submersion had to be scrapped.  This makes me twitchy because I need to get SHADOWBLADE done before I head to NYC for the PASIC conference.  So I just made an executive decision: while the rest of America indulges in crass consumerism love and romance this weekend, I shall be ensconced in a Holiday Inn Express with two laptops, my printed WiP, notebook paper, and a caffeine IV.  Oh, and a large bottle each of Cuervo and Tylenol.

The second half of this book is going to be very interesting indeed.  Will take all candle lightings, crystal charging and prayers you’ve got.

Teaser Tuesday: The Sharpest Edge

Here’s the opening for new urban fantasy romance, The Sharpest Edge, which is part of the Carnivale Diabolique anthology coming out later this year from Parker Publishing:

Carnivale Diabolique cover

Carnivale Diabolique cover


“Well, will you look at that.”

Cam looked, and almost dropped the coffee carafe. Everyone had turned to stare at the towering, bronze-skinned man with black tribal markings etched into the left side of his face. Definitely not a common occurrence in Elberton, Georgia.

The demon that came in behind him? She’d seen plenty of those, unfortunately.