Cover Reveal: Claiming the Jackal

Claiming the Jackal

Here’s the cover for Claiming the Jackal, Sons of Anubis #3!  I <3 this cover so hard, and there’s a scene at a lake that’s pretty damn hot in my opinion!


Here’s the blurb:

Despite an end to two thousand years of conflict with the Daughters of Isis, jackal shifter Hector still distrusts the witches. But he cannot deny his growing hunger for Rana, a beautiful and gentle priestess who soothes his anger and awakens his passions as no other ever has.

As a healer, Rana is working tirelessly to find a way to protect the jackals from a deadly curse—and restore the honor of her bloodline. As a woman, she cannot resist surrendering to her desire for Hector, the powerful and virile second in command. But when her secret is revealed, will their new bond be strong enough to survive the truth?

It will be available everywhere books are sold, beginning November 1st, but it’s up for preorder now!


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YAY! New Book Deal!

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I’m thrilled to be able to announce that I have a three-book contract with Berkley Books for a new contemporary romance series!

The Publisher’s Lunch announcement:

Seressia Glass’s SPICE, in which a former celebrity chef and rehab graduate engages a professor of human sexuality to help her reenact scenes from The Perfumed Garden only to discover the addicting power of love in the process, to Cindy Hwang at Berkley Publishing Group, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Jenny Bent.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this series. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s angsty and it is a whole crapload of fun to write. Here’s my blurb for the first book, SPICE:

spiked orange

spiked orange

Sometimes love is an addiction. For Nadia Spiceland, it’s the worst thing that could happen. She’s a former celebrity chef and recovering narcotics addict who has finally regained control of her life. There is one area in which she’d like to relinquish control, and for that she enlists the help of Kaname Sullivan, a professor of human sexuality known as Professor Sex, to help her reenact scenes from ancient erotic texts. When sex becomes something more, Nadia is faced with a tough choice: quit Professor Sex cold turkey or accept that love is the best drug of all.

WANT MORE? Well, then take a gander at what I have planned for the sequel, SUGAR:

Golden granulated, light muscovado and dark muscovado sugarIn SUGAR, thirty-five year-old Siobhan “Sugar” Malloy, co-owner of Sugar and Spice Café and a part-time burlesque performer made a pact with her best friends to start living—and loving—on their own terms. This time she draws the short straw, meaning it’s her time to take a walk on the wild side. Who better to wild out with than twenty-five year-old Charlie Townsend, studly owner of a bike messenger service? Caught up in a hot cougar fantasy, Siobhan is shocked when her boy toy wants forever. But when Siobhan’s twenty year-old estranged daughter arrives with an ultimatum, Siobhan finds herself faced with a broken heart no matter which choice she makes.


There’s a third book, and it’s called NICE. Here’s the deets on it:

In NICE, Vanessa Parsons has always been the responsible one in her family, her community. The pressures of being the good girl glue that bound her family together led her to abuse alcohol until she could break free. Now it’s her turn to dive into dating but there’s something she hasn’t told her friends: she relieves the pressure of being good by being a dominatrix at the local bondage club. One of her clients is Pete Branson, an undercover cop looking for corruption. With the sting over, Pete makes a play for Vanessa, but she doesn’t think she’s good enough or bad enough to be what he wants. The hunky cop has other ideas—especially in the bedroom.

Those are all of the details I have right now, because, the fantabulous Jenny Bent just sold these, and the first book is due in February. But I think you can get the gist of where I’m going with these stories. When I have more details, I’ll be sure to share them! For now, let me just say how excited I am to be writing for Berkley and my awesome new (to me) editor, Cindy Hwang!

The Story Behind the Story: No Apologies

Every other Friday or so, Seressia will post a short explanation of what went into the development of one of her stories. This week, we visit the second book, No Apologies.

No Apologies

No Apologies was my second book, the sequel to No Commitment Required. At its heart, it’s a friends to lovers story. I knew I wanted to write one, and I knew that I wanted to show how Angela carried a torch for Jeff. What I didn’t want to do was make it seem like she was simply second choice, which meant Jeff had some serious work to do, and Angela needed to show that she wasn’t going to let him into her arms–or her bed–easily.

So I had to give Angie some baggage. Actually, I think I gave the poor girl an entire luggage store. Guardianship of her cousin’s daughter. A seriously fucked-up mother. An abusive ex-husband. Angie had reasons for acting the way she did, and I wanted to show that she’s a survivor but hardly a victim, even when she seems to just accept the things she doesn’t think she can change.

But I also wanted to show that Jeff had reasons for behaving the way he did. So I made him the eldest sibling of a large family, stepping into his late father’s shoes. He’s protective of those he cares about, and he’ll bear the brunt of his loved ones’ anger if he feels he’s acting for their own good. It’s why he broke up Michael and Yvonne, and why he worked to get them back together. It’s why he left town to get his head on straight and decide that Angela’s the one he wanted. It’s also why he did everything he could to make himself a necessary part of her life.

Any autobiographical elements in this one? Well I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my mother, but it wasn’t like Angie’s relationship with her mother. And I didn’t raise anyone’s kids, for which y’all should be infinitely grateful.

Other interesting tidbit: you’ll notice that Yvonne’s second partner, Gwen, has disappeared from the story. That’s because I decided that character needed to have a full paranormal romance of her own. So I took her out and hoped no one would notice. Did you?

Second tidbit: I really hated this cover. REALLY.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments!

The Story Behind the Story: No Commitment Required

Every Friday, Seressia will post a short explanation of what went into the development of one of her stories. This week, we kick it off with the book that started it all, No Commitment Required.


Thirteen years ago this November, my very first novel, No Commitment Required, was published. It wasn’t my first story, and it most certainly won’t be the last! I actually started this story way back when I was a senior in high school, when I was deep in my Duran Duran craze.

Back then, the ladies were members of an all-girl band, Scarlett Mane, and the guys were in a very hot rock band named Connexion. It was over-the-top angsty. Once I became a Buckhead Betty on the Atlanta party scene, it morphed, and had the working title Fences. I envisioned a black and white cover, with the white part of the fence gleaming on the black background and the black half of the fence splashed on the white background. It wasn’t going to be about race, it was going to be about the fences, physical and emotional, that people put up to protect themselves–until a very special someone dares to climb the barrier.

Yvonne was always going to be a successful business person because I wasn’t going to let her be anything else. One boyfriend, when I dared talk about my story, said, “Oh, so she’s wrong the wrong side of the tracks?” Needless to say, that was the last night he came over. And the last time I told anyone that I was trying to write, until I joined Georgia Romance Writers.

Is it autobiographical? No, not really. The scene in the club sorta happened to me and some friends. I love lingerie and would certainly love to design a line that truly supports well-endowed women. There’s a cabin on a lake in North Georgia that I enjoy visiting. I may or may not know someone who tried that thing with a warm Krispy Kreme.

In the end, No Commitment Required is a story about people who put up defenses against love for very valid reasons, all the while desperately wanting to find the one person that gets them and fills the emptiness in their hearts, a story about how people who are supposedly so different on the outside are not all that different on the inside.

If you have any questions about my first book–which was re-released in mass market in 2007–please ask in the comments.


The Story Behind the Stories

Image courtesy of Simon Howden /

Image courtesy of Simon Howden /

I know all of you are waiting for new stories from me (for you paranormal romance fans, CLAIMING THE JACKAL will be out November 1st!) But I was wondering: while you’re waiting for me to get my writing act together, would you be interested in seeing a series of posts about why I wrote a particular story? These might be once a week postings coming on Mondays or Fridays, and would basically be my recollections of why I wrote the story, what my process was, and any interesting events that happened as I created the story.

If you’re interested, leave a comment!

Teaser Tuesday – Retro Style!

For this Teaser Tuesday, we revisit The Sharpest Edge, my novella in the Carnivale Diabolique anthology!

Pad of Paper & Pen


If you like it, you can get the Kindle version for $4.99!

Insane in the Membrane, aka the Midyear Check-in

Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Young Woman Thinking — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


With June gone in a haze blaze, it seemed like a good idea to take stock of where I am and reassess where I plan to go.

This time last year, I hadn’t had anything published in a year. I didn’t publish anything at all in 2012 and was determined to sell something new before the year was out. Before summer 2012 ended, I had a contract for three novellas with Harlequin’s Nocturne Cravings, and the other me sold a historical romance to Samhain.

In the first six months of this year, I’ve seen two of my novellas published: Seducing the Jackal and Hunting the Jackal from the Sons of Anubis series. My alter ego, Mallery Malone, saw Devil’s Angel, an Irish medieval romance, released in April. (It’s awesome. You should go buy it and tell your friends to get it too!) November will see the third jackal novella, Claiming the Jackal, released.

I’m thrilled to pieces with that. I know that I can’t do that whole resting on my laurels thing. For one, that leads to laziness. For two and most important, that leads to a year like 012. I don’t want to have a year like 2012, with nothing out. So here’s what’s in the pipe to complete/get to proposal status this year.

  1. Proposals for the next three Sons of Anubis stories. While I would love to do a full-length novel with all the action and angst I can throw in, I love writing these novellas. So I have ideas for Aya, the high priestess; Alonso, Hector’s brother; a human female, and possibly a lost Daughter of Isis.
  2. Proposals for spicy contemporary romance project. I’d like to tell you more about it, but I’m playing this one close. It’s two book ideas right now, with a possibility of two more. But they are contemporary romance, the heroine in each are good women who made bad decisions, and there’s a Tuesday Night Survivor’s Club theme. I want this proposal done by the end of July, if not right before RWA2013.
  3. SHADOW HUNT. I’ve been promising this for a long time, and I know people are tired of hearing me say it’s in the pipe. Well, it really is. I posted a 200-word excerpt of it this past Tuesday over on my Facebook Author page. I am going to self-publish it, and my goal is to have it ready for sale and promoting by the time the Coastal Magic conference rolls around in February.
  4. SHADOW FLIGHT. This is a short story that I originally released in the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance II under the name The Majestic. I want to expand it a bit and offer it as a limited time freebie prior to the release of Shadow Hunt, because it sets up the story in SH nicely. I’d like to have this one ready to go by Thanksgiving, if not earlier.
  5. THROUGH THE WEDDING. This will be a novella-length sequel to Through The Fire, and will focus on Brandt and Willow as they fall deeper in love and plan their wedding. It will reintroduce you to their friends and family and will kickoff what I hope to be two self-published novella series: THE HUGHES of HAMILTON, and the SERENA BAY series.There are lots of people whom I left hanging in TTF, and they deserve their stories. I hope to have Through the Wedding ready to go by Slam Jam 2014.
  6. AA/IR HISTORICALS? YES PLEASE. So in talking about Slam Jam yesterday, I also talked about this lovely article in the NYT about a black nurse and a German POW who fell in love in Arizona of all places, and I kinda inspired an idea which I tweeted about with an editor, who told me to write it and send it to her. So now I have to. And it revived a series idea I had the last time RWA was in Atlanta, a series I couldn’t get anyone to take interest in because “Beverly Jenkins has the AA historical market on lockdown.” Which Ms. Jenkins herself will tell you is ridiculous, and who buys one book and says, “that’s it, I’m not going to look for anything else in this genre until this author puts another book out”? Yeah. So if someone is actively looking for AA/MC historical romances, and I have ideas for some, you darn tootin’ I’m gonna try to get mine to see the light of day.
  7. Hey, MALLERY WANTS TO WRITE ANOTHER BOOK TOO. I came up with Mallery back in 2006 or so, when I wanted to try my hand at writing spicier stuff, and was curious about epublishing. That novella, LADY SINGS THE BLUES, is still making money, I can’t retire from the day job, but it’s paid a hotel stay here or there. And I left a sequel languishing on my hard drive. And a sequel novella to the Irish medieval wants to see the light of day as well.

So yeah. Twelve projects, half of which are to be self-published, the other half I’m going to try to sell. The proposals have to go out first and he other projects will depend on me selling those and discovering what the completion deadlins are. While they’re being shopped, I’ll be working on my self-publishing stuff. While still writing for the day job.

And you guys thought I was passing time playing Candy Crush Saga. Hah!

Florida! I’ll be in you…next year!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be one of the featured authors for Coastal Magic! I heard such good things about the event this year that I just had to get on board. And hey–who wouldn’t want to be in Florida in February?!?


Registration starts July 1st and it’s a great deal. Hope to see you there!

Coastal Magic Convention

Coastal Magic Convention


Coastal Magic Convention (Feb 6-9, 2014 in Daytona Beach, FL) is a super casual, weekend party for authors and readers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance fiction. There will be panels, meet & greets, and random tomfoolery. The schedule will be designed to give readers plenty of time to hang out with their favorite authors, and chat about the stories with other fans. A charity book signing will be open to attendees and the public. Please check the event website at for a list of Featured Authors (over 50 of them!!) and other information.

The End is Only the Beginning

Image courtesy of Microsoft clipart site

Image courtesy of Microsoft clipart site

There is no greater high than reaching “The End” while making a deadline. I finished the third Sons of Anubis story, CLAIMING THE JACKAL and sent it on to my Harlequin Cravings editor. She’s out on vacation next week, so I won’t know if she likes it until the first of July or so.

I’m always anxious about the reception of my work. Who isn’t? But CLAIMING is last manuscript on the contract, which means it’s time to come up with new stuff for new contracts. That’s always a stress-inducing and simultaneously freeing time.

Hey, I’m a Gemini. I’m always of two minds about everything!

So I’m daydreaming conceptualizing new stories for the Sons of Anubis series, based on some threads I wove into the previous stories. High Priestess Aya is going to get a story, and a human woman stumbles onto something she shouldn’t have seen. Hopefully my editor will like those ideas. I’m also working on a contemporary erotic romance project that I’m really excited about (who isn’t?) especially since I didn’t think I had any contemporary romance ideas.

And, for those of you so patiently waiting, Kira is talking to me! This fourth story is shaping up to be a transition piece in more ways than one, and I’ve got to get past the oh-my-god-what-if-no-one-likes-it mentality and just write the damn thing!

So I’m at an end, but it’s not really an end. It’s the beginning of the next adventure!

Happy Loving Day!



If you’d like to know more about the Lovings and their historic case that struck down miscegenation laws, click here.

Interracial romance is a big deal that shouldn’t be. I’ve written quite a few romance novels and novellas in which race wasn’t an issue for the main couple, or if it was, it wasn’t the main issue or people on the periphery were the ones who had to face their issues. I think that’s realistic.


When I wrote my first book, No Commitment Required, I wanted to show that there’s more than skin color that brings people together. Yvonne and Michael were both from upper middle class families. They both own their own businesses. And they both were afraid of loving and losing.But each recognized a kindred spirit in the other. They “got” each other.

Socio-economic status, past losses, upbringing–those are the things in which we find lasting common ground.Sure there can be issues, sure there can be doubts, but the commonalities that are more than skin deep–those are the things that lasting relationships are built on.

My husband and I bonded over Metallica. I’ve always had a thing for guitarists and he’s got quite the collection. We’re both very laid back and we both have messed up families. We “get” each other on a level that I’m thankful for on a daily basis. I’m well aware that a generation ago, our marriage would have been illegal and people used the Bible to justify the whys of it.

That was then, and this is now. Most of the time, if my husband and I get a double-take, it’s probably because he’s a foot taller, has a few tattoos, and likes to wear snarky T-shirts. We’re a normal family with normal family issues. My stepson and I get along great, even when I have to pull the mom card.

The only reason that interracial marriage or even same-sex marriage is a big deal is because humanity is a nosy creature that enjoys getting all up in each other’s business. Especially here in the United States. We’re nuts about who’s sleeping with whom. We love to speculate about other people’s sexuality. We thrilled and scandalized to discover someone has a kink.

Seriously, people: WHY DO YOU GIVE A FLYING F*CK? The Universe won’t stop because of this, or it would have stopped a long time ago. You’ll still have to pay your bills. Nothing in your life will change just because some other folks are doing things you wouldn’t do.

We’re all people, and we all want the same thing: to find someone who gets us enough to want to share forever. That’s the reason I write what I write.

In celebration of Loving Day, I’m giving away a copy of my very first IR novel, No Commitment Required. If you’d like to be entered in the drawing, simply comment below.

Continue on with the Loving Day Blog Hop! Next up is author Lena Hart!

My latest release is Hunting the Jackal, the second installment in the Sons of Anubis erotic romance series. You can also fine me on Twitter (@seressia) and Facebook.