My Starred PW Review

Here’s the text of my PW review. And yes, it’s in this week’s PW with the Afro picks. Glad and sad to go get a copy tomorrow:

Shadow Blade Seressia Glass. Pocket/Juno, $7.99 (352p) ISBN 978-1-4391-5679-7

The heart-pounding first in Glass’s Shadowchasers urban fantasy series piles on the twists and turns in a supernatural Atlanta where everyone has a hidden motive. The Gilead Commission discovered Kira Solomon’s gift for psychometry when she was 12 and trained her to fight Shadow Avatars. Now 25, she mostly tries to focus on her day job as a freelance antiquities expert. Her former mentor, Bernie Comstock, brings her a 4,000-year-old Egyptian blade to authenticate, and one touch tells her it belonged to an immortal Fallen from the shadow world, who’s still seeking it. When a demon murders Bernie, Kira confronts the immortal, now disguised as a young man, but she can’t deny that the dark blade calls to her, as does its handsome owner. Kira’s personal battle against the forces of chaos will keep readers riveted. (Feb.)

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