Making Plans and Apologies

So excited to be headed to New York for the Romance Writers of America national conference. Normally I don’t go every year, but NYC’s conference will always be a must-attend for me.

This is my first time sitting on an RWA panel– 50 Shades of Love: Writing the Multicultural Romance (RESEARCH) which will be at 2pm on Friday. There are two other multicultural panels this year as well, both are on Thursday.

  • Diversity in Romance: Why it Matters (WRITER’S LIFE) will be at 9:45
  • Multicultural Romance: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, and How to Make it Right (CAREER) at 3:15

This year, my focus is on career building and my production schedule. I have only one indie project this year (Prescription for Love, in the 12 Alphas 12 Months anthology that released earlier this month.) It is a sequel of sorts to Three Wishes and my goal is to expand it so that I can release it and Nick and Maya’s wedding story, Four Hearts, together.

It was my intention to release these this year, but sometimes life happens, which it did late last year/earlier this year. I had a delay in finishing the contracted book for the Sugar and Spice, which pushed everything back by four months. Which meant my indie projects have to give. Not the contracted stuff, not the day job stuff, but the things you’ve been asking me for. For that, I’m sorry.

So where do things stand? I have one more contracted book for the Sugar and Spice series, NAUGHTY. I really enjoy writing about these friends and their issues with various forms of addiction and recovery, and I hope I can write more of them. We’ll see when I work on the proposal after turning in book 3. Once I turn that book and the proposal in, I plan to work on expanding PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE . I also plan on working on SHADOW HUNT and the true sequel to Three Wishes which is FOUR HEARTS. Someone asked about Sons of Anubis. I would love to continue those stories too. I’ve planned another three in that series, but now I’m wondering is I could/should do some crossover with the Shadowchaser series.

Anyway, that’s where I am, and why I’m heading to New York to learn, to recharge, and put the pedal to the floor. Thanks to all of you for your patience and support!