Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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So here we are, at the end of another year. I can definitely say that 2012 was much better than 2011, even if I didn’t have a single book out this year.  Why? Because no books in 2012 meant I didn’t write or sell anything in 2011, and that was definitely hard. I was burned out by trying to write fully involved 400-page novels with world-building, romance, action, danger and hooks every six months while trying to maintain a crazy production schedule of writing and designing at my day job. I hit a wall, and I hit it hard.

Going in for surgery at the end of January and having six weeks of down time gave me plenty of time to rest and recuperate and think. (Ah, the blessed rest after the pain went away. Wonderful!) I thought about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go. I thought about writing, and if I could do it again. If I wanted to do it again. If i could get something together for my poor agent to sell. If I could write something else and sell that. If I dared to get back into the maelstrom of deadlines and rejections and word counts and not hyperventilate.

Of course I hyperventilated. The memory of 2011 left its claw marks on my psyche. My series was dead in the water. Contemporaries, especially hot ones, were all the rage, but all I had in me were paranormal stories. Fighting for every word I wrote or typed exhausted me, and I was on bedrest! So I did what any good writer would do.

I read.

Reading. The one constant over my life has been immersing myself in other worlds through the written word. Reading got me through my awkward teens years, my family issues, long stretches between boyfriends, boredom, bus rides, lunches. Reading always got me through. It’s sad that I had forgotten that, sadder still that as I writer on both jobs, I lost time to do more than read cooking directions. But as I recuperated, I read, and as I read, I remembered.

I love words. Reading them, writing them, feeling them. The more I read, the more words sank into my brain, and so did the creativity to weave them. My love of reading did what it had done decades ago–nurtured my love of writing.

My agent sent me a blurb about Nocturne looking for sexy paranormal shorts. An idea immediately popped into my mind. I mean immediately. Just a phrase at first: The Sons of Anubis. Then another: The Daughters of Isis. And then conflict.

I wrote the first story. My agent sold it within a week of me sending it to her, with an offer for two more. I also polished a medieval romance that was a book of my heart type thing. Samhain bought that one. The medieval will be out next spring under my alter ego’s name, and the first two Sons of Anubis stories will be out summer and fall.l

I have my words back. And I have other authors and their words to thank for it.

I’m optimistic about 2013, fanatically so. I know I have at least one more Sons of Anubis story. These paranormal erotic romances have inspired me to write a full length IR erotic romance, which I’m working on now. And I have the beginnings of a new contemporary romance series that I’m fleshing out. I’m also polishing a Shadowchasers short story to put out myself hopefully before the end of winter. If it goes well, a longer story will follow.

Words. I have them back. And I’m looking forward to where they’ll take me in 2013 and beyond.

Goodbye, 2012. Hello, 2013!

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  1. Kimmara

    I am a HUGE fan! Can’t wait to see what you have cooking. I am always checking on a regular basis to figure out when I am going to get my next fix! Your work has inspired me and your unique take is so needed. Sending you blessings and wishing you much prosperity this year.

  2. Seressia

    Thanks, Kinmara! I am working on several different projects and hope to have some self-published things out soon. I hate to leave my characters hanging, and all of them have many more stories to tell.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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