Life According to Plan

Life has been a roller coaster for the last couple of seasons. Hospital stays, changes at the day job, changes at home. It’s been easy to feel overwhelmed, even easier to let some things fall to the wayside *cough* blogging *cough*.

In an effort to organize my life and feel like I’m accomplishing something, I decided to take up planning. I totally blame Kwana Jackson and Gwen Hayes for this, as they waxed poetic about their planner/journaling purchases on Twitter. I went from a 5″x7″ horizontal weekly layout to a letter sized layout. Now I’m using a standard-sized Happy Planner, but I’m eyeing the letter sized one for next year.

letter planner

letter sized planner-plenty of room to write!

I’m enjoying making lists and checking off accomplishments. That and decorating my planner helps me manage my stress, which is huge! My planner tastes and needs are ever evolving but I like having a planner that can adapt to my needs and I add or remove sections.

happy planner

Happy planner makes me happy!

Speaking of lists, some of my planner buddies and I are taking a #ListifyLife challenge. Organized by Roni Loren and Sierra Godfrey, we’re going to make lists that coincide with a weekly topic–and YOU can join in!

listify calendar

The challenge starts tomorrow, March 20th! Follow and use the hashtag #ListifyLife. If you’d like to use the write-in cards, download them from Sierra’s website here.