Joyfully Reviewed Chats this month

<a href=””>Joyfully Reviewed</a> is offering up a slew of chats this month in honor of their second anniversary. This past Friday was the chat for vampires, werewolves, and cat-shifters, but there are several more chats to go:

10/05 Vamps, Wolfies and Cat-Shifters
10/08 All other Paranormal – Dragons/Witches/Fantasy,etc
10/10 Interracial, Multi-Cultural & African /American
10/11 Westerns
10/12 Menage a Trois & Quad’s
10/15 BDSM
10/17 Historical
10/22 Contemporary , Romantic Comedies & Suspense
10/26 Voluptuous & Loving It
10/29 Sweet / Inspirational
10/30 Futuristic/Sci-Fi
10/31 M/M – F/F

I’ll be participating in the African-American chat, and I’ll be giving away several copies of Dream of Shadows. Please <a href=””>join the discussion</a>.