In Which Amazon tries to protect Adults from Adult stuff

Another reason why Amazon is the 500-pound gorilla you should take care with feeding…

A recent development has Amazon “blacklisting” books with erotic content. They quite simply, no longer show up in search results. Think I’m kidding? Go to and do a search for Kensington Aphrodisia. My search yielded two results, both for writer’s market type books. A search of All Departments with the keyword “homosexual” yielded as its first result “Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would: A Fresh Christian Approach”

For a good idea of what this is about, what it means to authors of adult content, I urge you to read the post over on Dear Author, (and this one) as well as the post made by Mark R Probst. There is even an #amazonfail Twitter list to follow. The LA Times blog has also covered it.

I don’t need television, the government, or a freakin’ retailer to protect me from stuff that might corrupt my mind or send me down a moral slippery slope. As an adult who could drive at 16 and vote and go to war at 18, I should be trusted to manage my own moral compass. I should be able to look at a list of erotic romance, erotica or porn literature of any stripe without my brain imploding or me suddenly.

It’s ironic that we use sex to sell everything, even toothpaste, but we’re so phobic about its practice and forms. Show blood splurting on prime time TV all you want, but two guys kissing? Horrors!