In a Perfect World…

My favorite morning show, The Bert Show, had a discussion this morning about race, racism, and if it’s simply wishful thinking to hope that different ethnic groups (read: blacks and whites) can truly live together in harmony.

Of course, I’d like to think that they could.  I’m a romance writer.  I write happily-ever-afters about interracial and black couples.  That’s part of the reason that I write these stories—to try to show readers that it’s more than ethnicity that binds us together.  It’s more than perceived culture.  It’s as much about societal and sociological commonalities as it is about cultural ones.

There will always be people more concerned about “sticking with their own kind,” meaning people of their own ethnic group.  That’s their choice, and I have no fundamental issue with it.  I do take issue with discounting a huge chunk of the world’s population out of some belief (misguided or not) that one is better off limiting their interactions.

In No Commitment Required, I introduce you to Michael and Yvonne.  He’s white, she’s black.  Complete opposites?  No.  They both have successful careers.  They both lost people they cared deeply for, and it scarred them to the point that neither wanted to love again.  They both think they’re perfectly happy having superficial relationships—and then they meet each other.  Each one finds a kindred spirit in the other, and after several trials, they find happiness together.

That’s what it’s about, in my opinion.  Besides, where do the geeks fit in?  And the Pagans?  All the non-white people I saw at the Disturbed concert last month?  Surely people are more comfortable with people who think and feel and believe and like as they do, rather than look as they do.  Seeing past the surface to find the real person, the real soul.  You just may find a true gem, a lifelong friend, your other half.