I’m Jammin

(I’m not the only one who heard the Bob Marley song, right?)



I’ve finished my last big writing project (aside from revisions) until summer, so I thought I’d take a breather by doing a little redesign of my authorial self.

This past weekend I took a workshop hosted by Georgia Romance Writers that was given by Margie Lawson. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her many workshops, do so. She has great insights on how to make writing better, to move beyond cliche when telling a story, to add more interest, depth and visceral reaction to the story one tells. Since I love taking my characters on emotional journeys, I plan to incorporate some of the knowledge Margie dropped into my upcoming projects.



Infinity Pool by Graham Briggs

Infinity Pool by Graham Briggs

Speaking of upcoming projects…I’ve been doing some work in that direction too. It occurs to me that the best way for me to move forward in my writing career is to give this hybrid author thing a shot. And by shot, I mean jump in with eyes open, nose held, using both feet! For those who know me, this is hilarious, because I can’t swim at all, despite the numerous people who have attempted to teach me. That won’t keep me from getting in the water though!


I have some wonderful writing friends who have blazed the trail, so my path is definitely smoother than it would have been even a year ago, but I now feel that I’m in a place where I can make this happen.

So I’ve officially became a small business owner by launching my own LLC. There’s something giddy and freeing about that.  I don’t know why–I’ve been published for fourteen years come this November with twenty publishing credits to my name. But that LLC says “I am serious business owner, P&L, output, assets, product, sells!” and


I’m doing some wheelin’ and dealin’, some writin’ and revisin’, getting my building blocks in order to make some new out of the tools I’ve been using for years. If you’re going to Romance Slam Jam, you’ll see what I mean in some of the promo material I’ll have with me. Please do stop by my table on Saturday and say hi! Or, you know, come sit in on my workshop about Writing Novellas. I think I know a couple of things about getting those done!

If you’re not going to Slam Jam, you could find out what I have in store by taking a peek around my redesigned website.  I hope you like what I have in mind–soon to be in store!