I Have News!

So, some of you may have seen this little news item by Publisher’s Weekly yesterday:

Pocket Books has signed a co-publishing agreement with Juno Books through which Juno will release one title per month under its own imprint. Founded in June 2006, Juno has developed a niche in contemporary fantasy novels and its authors include Carole Nelson Douglas, Stacia Kane and Sylvia Kelso. The first title to appear under the new deal is Amazon Ink set for a June release. Juno Books editor Paula Guran will oversee the line along with Pocket senior editor Jennifer Heddle.

You’re probably going, “Yeah.  So?”  Well, here’s the thing: Juno has offered me a contract on an urban fantasy series.


Hello.  Is this thing on?

Yes, I have sold an urban fantasy series to Juno/Pocket!  The first book is called SHADOWBLADE, and will be released in February 2010.  Juno’s books are currently shelved in scifi/fantasy, so it looks like I’m changing neighborhoods too!

Cue the Jefferson’s theme song!

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  1. Roslyn

    I had just told Whit we’d have to have a ‘pie party’ for you. I make a fabulous chocolate coconut pie!!! And, of course, rivers and rivers of martinis.

  2. Roslyn

    I told you forever ago I’d hook your hair up. Come on over Saturday and I’ll beautify you and feed you. And hey, I don’t do that for just anybody. -lol-

  3. Laura Vivanco

    Congratulations! I admit, I do feel a pang of rather selfish sadness when people move out of the romance “neighbourhood,” but I hope you’re very happy in your new “home.”

  4. admin

    Thanks guys, I’m still in that halfway dream-reality-scared to death state. Now I have to deliver my words–but that’s the one thing I can control!

    Hat tip to Stacia!

  5. Ann Aguirre

    Major congrats! You must be over the moon with excitement. (I saw the news on PASIC, thought I’d shout here)

  6. Seressia

    Ann Aguirre and Stacia Kane stopped by my blog. How cool. If you enjoy sccifi or fantasy you may want to check out Ann’s Grimspace or Stacia’s Personal Demons.

  7. Marcia

    Oh. My. God. YOU GO, GIRL!!!! If you weren’t so far away, I’d hug the heck out of you. I guess that means I’ll be saving it up for when I come your way again later on this year. 😉

    I’ll never forget the talk we had last year about “moving on up” in the writing world. You’re doing your thing and giving me some serious hope. Again, the biggest CONGRATS I can muster!

  8. Lynne

    I’ve been a big fan of Juno’s books ever since they picked up Gail Dayton’s contract from the series she started at Luna. I am SO pleased Kira’s story is finally getting the attention it deserves.


  9. Gwyneth Bolton

    Congrats, girlfriend! I just heard the news and I’m chiming in way late, but I wanted to chime in anyway. I’m so happy for you. I can wait to buy your books and read them!


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