Going to the Movies

In The Name of the King

Okay, I know this is probably going to be a train wreck of a movie, but I’m going to see it anyway. It’s got a head-scratching cast combination Jason Statham, Will Sanderson, Burt Reynolds, and Kristianna Lokken and a plot you could drive a tank through, but I don’t go to the movies to learn, I go to be entertained.

Oops, now I know why it’s going to suck. Director/Producer Uwe Boll has “attracted worldwide attention in the gaming community for his film adaptations of popular video games.” These include Alone in the Dark (who can believe Tara Reid as a archaeologist?) and BloodRayne (which could have been a good movie, but even Meatloaf in a bad weave surrounded by naked prostitutes–to save on production costs– couldn’t save that trainwreck–and they rewarded Lokken for her open-mouthed performance by giving her a series on Scifi. Or maybe that’s punishment.)

It just goes to show you that a doctorate in literature doesn’t mean you know how to tell (or direct) a story.

Sigh. I think I just typed myself out of going to see this movie.

But I did see I am Legend yesterday, and I’m not really sure what I expected, but I was surprised. There were moments of laughter and moments of tears. It almost had a Pan’s Labyrinth feel in that the tearjerker moments kept on coming. Oh, and Wil Smith doing pull ups shirtless didn’t hurt either.