Gay Romances Coming to Romance Section

Just saw in a Publisher’s Weekly email that Running Press is entering the historical romance market with gay romances written by straight women.  The first titles will be out in April 2009, and they not only plan to have them shelved in romance, and not erotica, they also plan to do outreach and advertising in Romantic Times magazine and local RWA chapters.

The idea for the line came from Running president Jon Anderson and is based on what he sees as the growing interest in M/M stories reflected in the success of such projects as Brokeback Mountain and the television series Brothers and Sisters….Running v-p and associate publisher Craig Herman said the series will be positioned as a subgenre within romance and while the books will be “erotic, they will not be hardcover explicit,” Noting that the books will be shelved in the romance section rather than the erotica section, Running said the book will be “created to mirror romance novels, not gay erotica.”

2009 should be very interesting indeed.  Gay romances actually being shelved in the romance section.  What will they think of next–black romances in the romance section?

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  1. Seressia

    Some people will definitely not like it, but some people who read both won’t mind. And it would certainly highlight, if not forward, the argument of inclusion.

    Unless of course, bookstores just shove the books into the gay ghetto, regardless of what the spine says.

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