Friday the 13th: My Lucky Day

Well, the writing weekend was supposed to happen next weekend, but the day job hits critical mass next week– which means long days with programming training as we get ready for pilot.  I don’t mind, because this is a really big project for my team and major kudos will be given if when it works.

It does suck hairy donkey balls (TM Karen Scott) because the planned four-day writing submersion had to be scrapped.  This makes me twitchy because I need to get SHADOWBLADE done before I head to NYC for the PASIC conference.  So I just made an executive decision: while the rest of America indulges in crass consumerism love and romance this weekend, I shall be ensconced in a Holiday Inn Express with two laptops, my printed WiP, notebook paper, and a caffeine IV.  Oh, and a large bottle each of Cuervo and Tylenol.

The second half of this book is going to be very interesting indeed.  Will take all candle lightings, crystal charging and prayers you’ve got.