Dream of Shadows available for preorder!

Dream of Shadows is now available for preorder on Amazon

Amazon is offering Dream of Shadows for $8.76, twenty percent off the regular cover price. Amazon is also showing that DoS will be available on August 17. I don’t think that’s accurate, but hey–order it anyway!

Dream of Shadows is my first full length foray into paranormal romance. On the surface, I took the tried and true story of a psychic and a serial killer and a hardened detective.

Nicolette Legère’s family possesses unique psychic gifts, called the Legacy, passed down through generations of women. Her mother is the gifted current matriarch, an oppressive burden for thirty-one-year-old Nicole, First Daughter and presumed heir. It’s a burden because Nicole’s gift of dreaming didn’t kick in until after puberty and has been sporadic ever since, making the extended family doubt her ability to step into her mother’s petite stilettos.

Nicole fights this familial rejection by trying to live as normal a life as possible. This led her into a disastrous marriage that left her widowed and pregnant. She took her infant daughter to Atlanta, far away from the obligation of her name, Nicole built a normal life for herself.

She is successful for nearly seven years. Just when she thinks she can put the burden and failure of being a Legère behind her, she Dreams of murder. After she Dreams a second time she decides to inform the police, hoping they can find the killer before her third dream. This is when she meets the very sexy, very skeptical Detective Carter “Jax” Jackson.

Jax doesn’t believe in psychics, ghosts, or fairies. The only truth is what he can see and what his gut tells him. He dismisses Nicole’s claims until a body is discovered, murdered exactly as she predicted. Now he has two choices: believe Nicole’s gifts, or believe her guilty. Investigating her yields more questions than answers. Yet despite instinct saying that she’s innocent, he firmly believes she’s hiding something from him.

This story has a lot: a woman coming to grips with herself and her destiny, a man struggling with duty and survivor’s guilt. They doubt themselves, and they doubt each other–with near fatal consequences. Oh, and sizzling loves scenes.

I hope you enjoy this introductory story. There are twin sisters, Mala and Malita, and brothers, Derek and Darien, twins who are also magicians. Their parents’ story is interesting as well, considering Arielle became head of the family at 18 and Stefan is a Romanian parapsychologist who kidnapped her to break a family curse. I’m looking forward to delving more into this world and the history of this family.

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  1. Nicole

    i just got into you as an author and will say that i absolutely love the shadow chaser series. I’ve finally read Dream of Shadows and love the Legere family. I was wondering if you have any more books on this family?

    • admin

      Hi Nicole!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the Shadowchasers series and Dream of Shadows. I don’t have any stories forthcoming on the Legere family, but I am definitely hoping to write some, particularly about the brothers.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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