Controversy Over Tintin in the Congo

From Publisher’s Weekly


In September, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will publish the popular colonial era children’s graphic novel Tintin in the Congo for the first time in the U.S., despite a controversy that erupted in the U.K. yesterday around the book’s racist content that resulted in bookstores moving it out of the children’s section and reshelving it with adult books.

The book shows Africans drawn to have a strong resemblance to primates and contains scenes such as one in which a black woman bows to Tintin saying: “White man very great… White mister is big juju man!”

The Tintin books have long been widely read in Europe and are poised to cut a much higher profile in America in 2009, when DreamWorks releases a trilogy based on the comic-strip hero. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have teamed to direct and produce the films.

Wonder if they shelved it in the AA fiction section?

:Blinks: Wait, they’re making three movies out of this?