Spice: Sugar & Spice #1

SPICETemptation comes in many flavors…

Nadia Spiceland works in the business of temptation. The confections she crafts at the Sugar and Spice Bakery and Café lure in the locals. But one customer is interested in more than just her delectable sticky buns…

Kane Sullivan teaches human sexuality at the nearby college, where coeds are clamoring for seats in his lectures. Nadia is reluctant to his advances, yet she also has needs. Who better to fulfill them than the man who’s referred to as “Dr. Sex” by his female students?

Soon Kane creates a hunger in Nadia that nothing can satiate. It weakens her, and that’s something she cannot risk. Not again. But Kane’s masterful touch might just be powerful enough to melt her heart—and free her to trust again…

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“No! No.” Nadia waved her hands. “Sex, yes. Relationship, no. I want the feels without all the drama. Like a male escort.”

Vanessa, the proper one of the bunch, narrowed her eyes. “You do know that’s illegal, right?”

Siobhan mirrored her disapproving look. Nadia rolled her eyes. “Geesh, guys, I’m not stupid. I’m not looking for danger, but I’m not looking for true love either. I don’t even believe it exists. I just think it’s time to for me-for all of us-to think about what makes us happy on multiple levels and take some time to pursue it. If we get a little something-something in the meantime, that’s just gravy.”

“You’ve obviously been thinking about this a lot,” Siobhan remarked. “So spill the secrets you saw in the tea leaves.”

Nadia ignored the sarcasm. “Yeah, I have been thinking. My track record with relationships sucks. The best one I’ve ever had was with my therapist and all I did was talk his ear off for an hour every week. How messed up is that?”

She sighed. “So, no to relationships. But sex? Bring it on. The wilder the better.”

A wicked glint lit Audie’s eyes. She was the youngest and most sexually liberated of them, sometimes overly so which was why she’d joined their Tuesday night group. “So you want to let your freak flag fly? I betcha you can find a couple of college boys who’ll step up for fun sexytimes. I could hook you up.”

“No!” Siobhan and Vanessa said together.

Vanessa put a hand on Audie’s forearm. “No offense, chica, but your taste in men needs an upgrade. Nadia doesn’t need a douchebag for this.”

Nadia laughed at Audie’s outraged expression. “No boys, no matter the stamina,” she clarified. “I want a man. A man who’s into more than vanilla sex. A man who will bend me over the sofa a time or two.”

“Go on, girl.” They leaned in closer.

Nadia’s voice rose. “I want a man who knows that the Perfumed Garden isn’t a boutique in the mall.”

“Preach it!”

“I want a man with a cock that should be classified as a weapon of mass seduction.”

“I know that’s right!”

“I want a man who doesn’t freak out when you successfully hit the male version of the G-spot while sucking him dry.”

“Okay already! We got it. God.” Vanessa swallowed some of her iced tea, then peered into the glass. “I think I need some Long Island in this tea now.”

“Sorry, Nessa.” Nadia smiled at the group. “You know I’ve just had my imagination and my B.O.B. for the last few years, and there’s only so much the battery-operated boyfriend can do. I’m ready for more. I’m going to get my happy on, damn it. And right now, being happy means no more goody-two-shoes.”

“Here’s to no more goody-two-shoes.” Siobhan raised her glass. “At least when it comes to sex.”

The others raised their cups and mugs and echoed her. “At least when it comes to sex.”

“Okay, I have a question,” Audie said as she set her mug down. “What’s this Perfumed Garden stuff? I mean, it really does sound like a store in the mall.”

“It’s not.” Nadia pushed her bangs back. “It’s basically an Arabic erotic text from the fifteenth century. Kinda like the Kama Sutra, but more entertaining.”

“So, Nadia.” Vanessa’s smile was completely predatory as the other women sipped their drinks. “Got anyone in particular on your radar?”

“At the moment, no one.” Nadia cut her eyes at Vanessa, wondering at the sly grin that curved her lips. “I just made my mind up to jump into this. You know that.”

“All righty, then.” Vanessa rubbed her hands together. “I’ll make a suggestion.”

“It’s not somebody Audie’s dated, is it?”

“I don’t think so. What about the professor over there?” Vanessa tossed her chin towards the front windows, where they had several plush chairs and side tables set aside for those who liked to linger. “Dr. Kaname Sullivan is his name, but almost all the students at Herscher call him Professor Sex. I think he’d be an excellent choice. And I think he’s interested in you.”

“What?” Nadia spluttered her iced latte. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t even try to play us,” Audie interjected. “He’s been in here every day we have. In the same spot. And he hasn’t taken a bite of that sticky bun in two minutes. That’s suspicious enough right there.”

Nadia knew exactly who they were talking about. Professor Sullivan, one of their regulars for the last couple of months. A couple of their part-timers called him Professor Sex, and they sighed when they said it. All she knew of him was that he was a professor with a specialty in sexual behavior, deviant and otherwise. He’d gotten recognition consulting on a high-profile predator case in Los Angeles and had written a couple of successful books. Rumor had it that he also consulted with the FBI on some of their more twisted cases.

So the professor had obviously earned his nickname. Still, there was a vast difference in being an expert on sex and an expert at sex. She darted a quick glance at the man in question, currently pretending to thumb through his tablet. Good-looking in a geeky sort of way, he seemed to be a mix of Asian and European with thick, swept back dark hair and a goatee framing his angular face, and coal-black eyes hidden behind wire-rimmed glasses. Dressed in a navy blazer, pale blue shirt and khakis, he was definitely not her usual type, though lately she hadn’t had a type at all.

She shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Audie bit into her muffin, suppressing a moan of pleasure. “Come on, Nadi. You just declared your sexual reawakening. You can’t chicken out now.”

“I’m not chickening out.” Again she looked at the professor. This time he looked back. She blinked. Whoa.

The intensity of his gaze stifled her breath and pulled her in. Everything else fell away as their gazes locked and held. She could read challenge and command in his midnight eyes even though his glasses partially concealed them. He’d gone from geeky to gawd-damn in five seconds, and her body instinctively responded, her nipples pebbling, her core clenching. Damn, it had been too long since she’d gotten laid, and she was ready, so very ready. If Professor Sex offered, she’d have to take him up on it.

He raised an eyebrow, and her breath shortened. Then he smiled and it was so sensual, so full of promise that she had to shift in her chair. Oh yeah, he was definitely offering. And she was definitely going to accept.

“Nadi gurl. Earth to Nadi. Come in, Nadi.”

Siobhan waved a hand in front of her eyes, breaking the mesmerizing hold Sullivan had on her. She blinked, surprised to find her friends all staring at her with matching grins. “What?”

“You know what.” Her partner laughed as she pushed Nadi out of her chair. “Professor Sex is waiting on you to check him out. Go get him.”

Now available for order at Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books a Million

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