Close to the Edit

Awaiting the final edit of Through the Fire. I’m very excited about this book. Writing it was creatively akin to giving birth: it took a lot out of me, but I’ll be overjoyed to hold it for the first time.

Editing is a process where you have to check your ego at the door, realizing that the person wielding the Red Pen of Death has the same goal you do: put out the best book possible. It’s hard sometimes to remember that as you read through the revision letter and look at the crimson ink bleeding across your precious baby.

I do have to say, the revisions that were requested for Through the Fire were relatively painless, and did make the story flow better. Even though you read through your manuscript and edit it again and again before you send it out, you don’t really look at it with a completely fresh eye, unless you have the time to put it away for a month or so then bring it back out. You’ve made assumptions about the work in your mind, because hey, that’s where the story’s lived for the last few months, if not longer. And the last thing you want is for someone to mess with the vision, man. But if you have to explain what you were trying to do, you obviously weren’t doing it very well, right?

I suppose that’s enough for today. Besides, IKEA just sent me a catalog, and I’m dying to take a peek inside!

Happy reading,