Cemeteries and Tater Tots

Mercury went direct yesterday morning, and I’m already feeling the effects. The creative portion of my brain went on like a light, and I got more written between 10 pm and 2 am than I did the previous two days. How sad is that? If I ever get to the point where the day job isn’t necessary, but writing schedule will probably be 9pm to 4 am or something like that. I just seem to function better after the sun goes down.

Mercury going direct does bode well for the final push this month, which will involve a writing weekend ensconced in a hotel nearby. I’d thought about going here but may have to save that for a sanity retreat later in the year. And I have the PASIC conference and DragonCon to do this year.

I’m hoping the weekend will be warm enough for me to get out to Oakland Cemetery. I have a very pivotal scene in SHADOWBLADE set there, and I want to describe it faithfully. Shame on me that I visited St. Louis #1 in NoLa but haven’t visited this historic landmark in my own backyard, though I have ridden a MARTA bus past it many times.

I’ll probably wrap that up with a trip to one of my favorite places: the Vortex in Little Five. If you’re ever in Atlanta and jonesing for a mammoth burger and tater tots, this is the place to go. My problem is that I always fill up on the tots and get too full to eat my burger.

Okay, now to bang out a couple of pages before lunch time is done!

5 Replies to “Cemeteries and Tater Tots”

  1. Roslyn

    Wow, that explains a lot. I really need to pay more attention to my charts. Mainly I just notice the retrogade given that I’m a Virgo living with a Capricorn and a Gemini. This house literally turns into a tower of Babel. I’m determined to send the husband far far away during the next one.

    My creativity has gone nuts, especially yesterday when I finally, finally finished Pussycat. I’m firing on all cylinders for the next project as well.

  2. Seressa

    Hey Roz, Abi–the next one is in May. Unfortunately, there will be FOUR of them this year, instead of the usual 3. One straddles the end of this year, beginning of next. Just means I, as a smack in the middle of the sign Gemini, have to really write like a fiend for the next three months.

    Abi, I still owe you a phone call. I’m such a bad person. I swear I’ll hit you up tomorrow!

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