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Cemeteries and Tater Tots

Posted Monday, February 2nd, 2009
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Mercury went direct yesterday morning, and I’m already feeling the effects. The creative portion of my brain went on like a light, and I got more written between 10 pm and 2 am than I did the previous two days. How sad is that? If I ever get to the point where the day job isn’t necessary, but writing schedule will probably be 9pm to 4 am or something like that. I just seem to function better after the sun goes down.

Mercury going direct does bode well for the final push this month, which will involve a writing weekend ensconced in a hotel nearby. I’d thought about going here but may have to save that for a sanity retreat later in the year. And I have the PASIC conference and DragonCon to do this year.

I’m hoping the weekend will be warm enough for me to get out to Oakland Cemetery. I have a very pivotal scene in SHADOWBLADE set there, and I want to describe it faithfully. Shame on me that I visited St. Louis #1 in NoLa but haven’t visited this historic landmark in my own backyard, though I have ridden a MARTA bus past it many times.

I’ll probably wrap that up with a trip to one of my favorite places: the Vortex in Little Five. If you’re ever in Atlanta and jonesing for a mammoth burger and tater tots, this is the place to go. My problem is that I always fill up on the tots and get too full to eat my burger.

Okay, now to bang out a couple of pages before lunch time is done!

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