Shadow Blade in French!

Okay, because I’m an idiot, suck at promo, and had a hellacious day job deadline, I totally wasn’t aware that the French edition of SHADOW BLADE was released last month. Check out the cover of La Lame des Ombres de Seressia Glass – Les Traqueurs d’Ombre 1

Shadow Blade French

And if you happen to be in France, you can order a French copy of your very own!   Amazon France

My Starred PW Review

Here’s the text of my PW review. And yes, it’s in this week’s PW with the Afro picks. Glad and sad to go get a copy tomorrow:

Shadow Blade Seressia Glass. Pocket/Juno, $7.99 (352p) ISBN 978-1-4391-5679-7

The heart-pounding first in Glass’s Shadowchasers urban fantasy series piles on the twists and turns in a supernatural Atlanta where everyone has a hidden motive. The Gilead Commission discovered Kira Solomon’s gift for psychometry when she was 12 and trained her to fight Shadow Avatars. Now 25, she mostly tries to focus on her day job as a freelance antiquities expert. Her former mentor, Bernie Comstock, brings her a 4,000-year-old Egyptian blade to authenticate, and one touch tells her it belonged to an immortal Fallen from the shadow world, who’s still seeking it. When a demon murders Bernie, Kira confronts the immortal, now disguised as a young man, but she can’t deny that the dark blade calls to her, as does its handsome owner. Kira’s personal battle against the forces of chaos will keep readers riveted. (Feb.)

Still here

Just a quick note to say that yes, I am still alive. I just decided to buy a house, finish a book, and complete a major training overhaul in my day job ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

I’m not a Superwoman. The tights really don’t fit me anyway.

But I’ve done a quickie update on the website, pending a major design overhaul. Please check out the fabo cover for SHADOW BLADE on the home pae!g

Book Industry News

Barnes and Noble just bought large eBook etailer Fictionwise, for a cool 15.7 million.  The purchase also includes the website, both of which have survived and thrived since 2000.

I kinda think that’s proof that eBooks should befiguring in your writing world.  B&N already sells e-readers in their stores.

In other news, Borders just slashed 742 store managers and supervisors.

Thanks, Tor!

The UPS man just left after delivering a signed copy of Bones of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I’m giddy that I won and that I have the book, but sad that I can’t start it until I finish this %#@! I-love-it-so-much manuscript.

I’ve been a fan of Weis and Hickman ever since a one-night-stand turned me on to the The Death Gate Cycle more years ago than I care to remember.

Want Free Books?

JM Jeffries is cleaning out the backlist closet.  If you want to get in on the free book schwag visit their blog for more info.  Oh and feel free to spread the book lovage!

Teaser Tuesday: Three of a Kind

Here’s the first chapter of my story, In Walks Trouble, from VEGAS BITES: THREE OF KIND, finallly now available in print!

“Sir, I think we have a situation.”

Marcus looked up from a sheath of papers, eyes narrowing at the beta female standing eyes downcast just inside his office. She was one of the newer security geeks brought onboard after the last shakeup had gotten rid of a fair number of humans and low-ranking Weres. Family members being kidnapped or poisoned with silver dust in their own hotel hadn’t gone over well with the elder Temples, and heads had to roll.

“Anything to do with the preparations for Malcolm’s installation as pack leader?”

“No sir.” The female fidgeted. Marcus remembered that she was a pup, turned against her will after going home with the wrong guy at a party, then let go by the human casino she’d worked for previously after her vaccination had failed. Marcus thought the human world’s loss was the French Quarter’s gain, but she had a lot to learn about being part of a pack.

“What is it, Sheila?” he prompted, making his tone as non-threatening as he could, something that hadn’t been easy lately.

“We had someone attempting to shoplift at the jewelry store.”

“And you’re bringing this to me?” Marcus felt his eyebrows lift. “Should I rethink my decision to hire you, Sheila? Because if you can’t handle a shoplifter–”

“She claims to know you, sir,” Sheila interrupted, looking as if she wanted to be anywhere other than where she was. “Rather intimately, I might add.”

“Does she now?” Marcus left his desk, crossing the wide marble expanse to enter the surveillance room. Several people, humans and non-humans alike, monitored banks of computers and displays that served as the “eye in the sky” for the French Quarter Hotel and Casino, viewing every nook and cranny of the sprawling casino complex. Recently, they’d started adding cameras to the hallways and service routes of the family floors, though not without protest. Marcus ameliorated most of the complaints by making sure that only Weres he’d personally vetted monitored those floors and recordings were put on discs and locked in his personal safe. He’d also upgraded access to the family floors from passkeys to biometric scans, and high-clearance non-Were personnel couldn’t even access the service elevators during Full Moon.

Lately he’d been the lone Were monitoring during Full Moon, but thinking of the reasons why only soured his mood further.

Sheila leaned over one of the human techs. “Cue up room four to monitor one,” she murmured.

Marcus peered at one of the larger monitors as the security specialist keyed in the demand to display the live feed for Interview Room Four, the one reserved for their more unusual offenders.

A woman sat at the faux wood table, flanked by two security guards. Even though her hair was cropped close, and her clothes more suited to a careless teen than an ad executive, her identity was unmistakable.

A growl seeped from his throat, causing everyone in the surveillance room to duck protectively.

Sheila stirred first, tapping the tech on the shoulder. “Run facial recognition program.”

Marcus found his voice. “That’s not necessary.”

As if she’d heard him, the woman lifted her face towards the camera hidden in the ceiling. The high-resolution camera picked up the rich chocolate of her skin, the fathomless black of her eyes. Even the fact that she’d lost weight she couldn’t afford to lose. “Marcus? Marcus, are you there? I really need to talk to you.”

He bunched his hands into fists, fighting the sudden lengthening of his canines. “I’ll handle this one, Sheila.”

Surprise rounded his assistant’s eyes. “Do you know her, sir?”

“I thought I did. Then I married her.”

Barnes and Noble: $9.85 online or $8.86 member price

Amazon: $8.76 (ignore the reviews, which are for the second anthology.)

Books-a-Million: $9.85

Inventory Reduction

I’m giving away stuff over at Scribes Unleashed tonight. Go over to and try to grab some stuff. The grand prize is a doozy!

My Early ChristYuleKwanzukah Present

My poor laptop has been battered in the last three years that I’ve owned it (cracked the screen, frame coming apart), and I really wanted to stop lugging it around (either in a backpack or rolling briefcase.) I also wanted something to read eBooks on, but the price of the Kindle and Sony just wasn’t enough of a deal to me.

So when Dear Author posted about the gorgeous red Vivienne Tam edition of the HP Mini, I discovered the world of netbooks. However, HP’s minis were out of my price range–the VT starts at $699–and I wondered if I’d find anything that would enable my to give my poor laptop a much-needed rest.

I knew Amazon had the Asus, but I didn’t know much about the company and I didn’t want to learn Linux. (You can also see the Asus, including an XP version, at Target). I talked to a couple of tech head friends and did major research. I finally decided on the Acer Aspire One, for several reaosns: Wal-Mart carried them instore, it ran XP, and they have a blue one.

Here are some photos. Excuse the crappy cell phone images, shaky hands, and messy desk:

My Mini Me

My Mini Me

My Mini and my 17" laptop

My Mini and my 17

Open Sesame

Open Sesame

(In case you couldn’t guess, I have an Egypt thing)

So far I’m liking it very much. It comes with a 60-day trial of Office 2007, but I like Office 2000, and installed it on the mini. I email my WIP to myself so I can work on the mini while at the office (or sitting at the repair shop yesterday, or Starbucks or Panera) and transferred all my ebooks over to it using my portable hard drive. It doesn’t have a CD drive but that’s not really a negative for me since I hardly use the one on the laptop. The keyboard is smaller, but I have small hands and don’t touch type. Other than the page up/down and home/end keys situated differently, it works well for me. The touch pad is taking some getting used to, as is turning the view to read ebooks–trying to figure out how to work the mouse when the screen is set to horizontal is interesting.

The only other downside is that it shows fingerprints like a bitch. But having attempted to work on my 17″ laptop on a cross-country flight, I can tell you I’m looking forward to taking Mini Me on a plane. And given that all Delta’s charging for all checked bags, I can put the mini into one of my two allowed carryons instead of my briefcase counting as one carryon.

My back and my 17″ laptop both appreciate the rest. I consider it the best purchase I’ve made all year!