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So, read any good Romancelandia blogs lately?

I know you haven’t here, but then I was on vacation, but just in case you missed it, here are a few…

Tina Engler, AKA Jaid Black and founder of Ellora’s Cave, talks about her unconventional marriage. which was supposedly in response to being attacked by someone who took ofeense by what she wrote in her own blog on June 6th.

Then there is the whole Triskelion thing (December Quinn has a good take on this) and the whole Carol Lynne thing. Readers basing authors. Authors bashing readers. Authors of one genre bashing authors of another.

I’m sure there’s been more than that out there while I was on vacation–hey, RWA’s visiting Publisher Recognition, PAN eligibility AND it’s Rita/Golden Heart contest categories all at the same time!–but frankly, I’m way too mentally exhausted to go out and check. I do have a question though:

Is all of this fun?

I suppose it’s entertaining, but really, when do people have time to read–or more importantly, write–if they’re avidly following all this stuff?

I think I was much happier with my writing career before I joined writing groups, Yahoo lists, and other online forums. I enjoyed the bliss that thinking Romancelandia was a happy, frothy place with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. (I’ve since found out that that only applies to people without permanent tans, but that’s another story.)

Is the stuff I linked above really what readers want on authors’ blogs?