Being Social for the Anti-Social

shy girl

Yet another great meeting with the Georgia Romance Writers. Today we had the always fantabulous Delilah S. Dawson talking about social media. I submit that social media is not my forte. I enjoy tweeting and posting to Facebook. It suits my magpie attention span.  “SQUIRREL!”

Okay, so where was I?  Anyway, I’m not the brightest bulb in the hall when it comes to being social, even online. Luckily Delilah was able to set me straight on some things, and then Anna DeStefano and Alicia McCalla kicked me in the e-pants.

So yeah, now I know that I not only have a reader shelf on Goodreads, but also an Author Page that has pulled quite a bit from my quiet little website. So I’m going to hopefully take control of it and give you guys updated info there. And since I’ve come to grips with the facts that blog postings don’t have to be so sparkly amazing and full of knowledge from on high (which mine never were) I feel okay wiht posting short snippets here and there.

Look for at least one new blog post a week, probably on Mondays, and probably about what has inspired me regarding my writing. Or something about Ancient Egypt. Or both.

2 Replies to “Being Social for the Anti-Social”

  1. carol

    Yes, you have an author page on Goodreads! It’s where I found out about Shadow Blade–my bookgroup is reading it this month. Thanks for writing it–I enjoyed it and look forward to the next.

    • Seressia

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for stopping b–and letting me know about my Goodreads page and letting me know how you liked Shadow Blade. If I can answer any questions for your bookgroup about Shadow Blade, please let me know!

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