My Sexy Saturday: One Sexy Boy

Spice voerHello, and welcome to my entry for My Sexy Saturday! Once again, we return to Spice, book one of the Sugar and Spice series. Nadia and Kaname are at Club Tatas, where her partner Siobhan is performing burlesque with the Crimson Bay Bombshells. They’ve gone two days without sexual gratification and the temptation is great. How does Professor Sex handle it? Read these seven sexy paragraphs to find out!


Nadia sank onto Kane’s lap. Her short skirt and thong provided zero coverage, her bare buttocks sliding across the smooth fabric of his pants as she settled into place. His erection pressed against the back of her thighs, the heat of him branding her through the fabric.

She darted a glance at him. “A test for both of us, as I said.” The velvet of his voice slid over her senses, pebbling her skin. “Ninety minutes until el keurchi. Now introduce me to your friends.”

She belatedly made introductions, heat staining her cheeks as she noted the knowing glances from her extended circle of friends. With another fifteen minutes until show time, Nadia expected Kane to be bombarded with questions. He was, but he handled it well, engaging Vanessa in college talk and asking Jas about his cupcake-decorating technique, posing for photos. All the while, he would take sips of his icy drink, then trace his chilled fingertips over her spine, keeping her desire on a slow simmer. But if she thought that would be the extent of her torture, she was mistaken.

When the house lights dimmed and the mistress of ceremonies took the stage, Kane shifted his left hand. Nadia held her breath, tension filling her as she tracked his movement from her knee to her thigh, then to the hem of her skirt. He wouldn’t, would he?

The first act took the stage, a ribald flasher skit that got the crowd roaring with laughter. Kane’s hand slipped under her skirt and between her thighs. Nadia froze, biting her lip against a gasp of pleasure as his forefinger unerringly found her clit.


He pressed a kiss to her bare shoulder. “I said you couldn’t self-gratify,” he said, his voice for her alone. “I never said I wouldn’t pleasure you. Open your legs.”


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My Sexy Saturday: My Sexy Girlfriend

SUGARCharlie O’Halloran knows he’s got one very sexy girlfriend. When she’s not running her cafe, she performs burlesque as Sugar Malloy. Here, the morning after his birthday celebration, he’s thinking about how sweet his life truly is. Enjoy these seven sentences from SUGAR, book two of the Sugar and Spice series, coming November 3rd!


Charlie watched Siobhan sleep, so deeply peaceful he didn’t want to awaken her. Sunlight spilled through the large window, flowing across the bed. It caressed her golden hair, giving her a halo. His angel. His goddess. She was everything he hadn’t dared hope for, everything he’d dreamed of those few times when he could push aside the guilt of wanting something for himself. Someone for himself, who’d take care of him for a change.


SUGAR is book two in the Sugar and Spice series and will be published 11/3. You can pre-order it here: 

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My Sexy Saturday: Talk Sexy To Me

Welcome to my contribution to the 108th week of My Sexy Saturday!

We know all about talking sexy to me. We know that lovers have a special language that only two of them share. The hidden looks, the longing gaze, the love shining in their eyes all accompanied by those sexy, sexy words. Sometimes, they are whispered, sometimes spoken aloud and occasionally shouted from rooftops. Authors are very good at those sexy conversations. We love sexy and it’s always so fun to share.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are seven paragraphs from Claiming the Jackal, the third novella in my Sons of Anubis jackal shapeshifter series. Here, Hectorr has gone for a swim in the lake to get Rana out of his mind. It’s not working!

Claiming the Jackal*******************************************************************************

“What are you doing here, Rana?” he asked, his voice a silky caress that slid over her senses and stripped her caution.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do.” He stopped a few feet away from her, the current between them growing stronger with his nearness. “You usually walk the part of the lake closest to the community house. Perhaps you’re here for the same reason I am, to cool off, to get you out of my thoughts, to cleanse your essence from my senses.”

He gestured to his erection. “Obviously it didn’t work for me. I’m guessing it didn’t work for you either.”

She tried to look him in the eye, she really did. No matter how she tried, her gaze kept drifting down. Even in the encroaching darkness, she could tell his arousal showed no signs of abating. “I couldn’t concentrate on my lab or magical studies, and the community house felt too small and confining. I had to come outside.”

“That’s not all, is it?” His gaze bored into her. “You know exactly why you’re here. Say it.”

“I was drawn here.” She gestured to the space between them. “Drawn to you.”


Despite an end to two thousand years of conflict with the Daughters of Isis, jackal shifter Hector still distrusts the witches. But he cannot deny his growing hunger for Rana, a beautiful and gentle priestess who soothes his anger and awakens his passions as no other ever has.

As a healer, Rana is working tirelessly to find a way to protect the jackals from a deadly curse—and restore the honor of her bloodline. As a woman, she cannot resist surrendering to her desire for Hector, the powerful and virile second in command. But when her secret is revealed, will their new bond be strong enough to survive the truth?

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My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Has It

SUGARSiobhan “Sugar” Malloy likes her life as it is right now: running a successful cafe with her partner and best friend Nadia, continued sobriety, a beautiful cottage. Sure, she might miss intimate companionship, but she gets a fix of sorts performing as a burlesque dancer part time with the Crimson Bay Bombshells. She doesn’t need anything more.

Sexy young business stud Charlie O’Halloran has other ideas. Can he convince Siobhan that when he comes to sexy, he has it in spades?


“You’re so beautiful,” he said then, his tone dazed and wondering. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman as beautiful as you.”

“How many women have you used that line on?” she asked, but couldn’t muster the heat she wanted to interject into her tone. Not when he looked at her as if she’d just appeared out of a fantasy. His fantasy.

“A couple,” he admitted, “but I didn’t understand what that meant until now. I should have saved it for you.”

She was only human. It was perfectly all right for her to take a little feminine satisfaction in knowing that she’d had an effect on such a handsome man, even if nothing would come of it. Nothing could come of it.

Still, she had to know, so she asked. “Is this how you charm all your clients, with a combination of business smarts and flirting?”

The smile he gave her was at once indulgent and self-deprecating. “But you aren’t my client yet, Siobhan.”

She took a deep breath. He was a stranger. Sure he came in an average of once a week, but they’d hardly said two full sentences to each other before now. He shouldn’t have said her name like that, all soft and sweet as if they’d just awakened from an exhausting bout of lovemaking. As if he knew her, and liked what he knew and wanted to know more. No, he shouldn’t have said it like that, and she shouldn’t have reacted the way she had, melting at the sound and the yearning it evoked in her.


SUGAR is book two in the Sugar and Spice series and will be published 11/3. You can pre-order it here: 

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Seressia Glass: My Sexy Saturday

Hello, everyone!

Hunting the Jackal coverNight time is always the right time for something a little sexy! This seven paragraph excerpt is from my novella Hunting the Jackal that was part of Harlequin’s Nocturne Cravings line and the second story of the Sons of Anubis series. Kurik and Rashon are jackal mates who both have desire for their new clanmate, Amarie. Unable to deny her attraction to both, she’s promised them a night of pleasure.  Enjoy!



“We want you,” Rashon said, speaking for both of them. He pushed his plate away. “You promised us a night.”

“I did. And I want it. But—“

Rashon leaned forward, cutting off her words. “Tonight is that night, Amarie. I think it’s time to show you how much we want you.”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened. “But Kurik’s cake…?”

Kurik pulled the bowl of extra frosting closer. Capturing her gaze, he slowly scooped up a finger’s full of the decadent confection. Her lips parted to take his offering, and as much as he would have enjoyed the sensation of her sucking on him, he had other ideas.

He leaned forward, drew a line of chocolate frosting down the hollow between her breasts. “Ah, damn, I’ve got frosting on you. Rashon, can you help me out?”

“My pleasure.”


I hope you enjoyed my excerpt! If you’d like to learn more about my jackal shapeshifters who worship the Egyptian god Anubis, please check out my Paranormal Romance page. If you’d like to purchase Hunting the Jackal, click here: Amazon l Kobo l Barnes and Noble| Books-a-Million

My Sexy Saturday Snippet

Here’s a little snippet from Spice for My Sexy Saturday. Spice voerSpice tells the story of Nadia Spiceland, a recovering addict and former reality show chef, and Kaname Sullivan, a professor of human sexuality. Although their relationship began as strictly physical by reenacting scenes from The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delights neither can fight the intensity of their feelings for each other.  The scene below is the morning after Kaname returned from a business trip. Enjoy these seven sexy paragraphs!


He reached into his pants pocket, pulled out a glittering length of gold chain. At each end dangled an intricate-looking clamp. He dropped the chain into her palm, and her breath stuttered as she took in the rubberized tips and realized what they were for. Her nipples pebbled instantly, without him having to touch them. But she knew that he would.

“I love your breasts, how sensitive they are,” he murmured to her. “I love how your nipples get hard when you’re thinking about me, thinking about sex. You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you? Thinking about my hands cupping your breasts, my mouth sucking on your nipples. Thinking about how it will feel when I put this on you.”

“Yes,” she gasped, light-headed with lust as moisture gathered between her thighs. “Yes, please.”

He parted her robe then cupped her breasts, thumbs stroking over the distended tips, causing her to moan softly. “I have more presents I want to give you,” he murmured, his voice soothing and exciting her at the same time. “You’ll get them little by little, after we see how you handle these. I don’t want to overwhelm you.”

“I’m not!” she gasped out, squeezing her thighs together. “I won’t be overwhelmed.”

He gave her an indulgent smile. “We’ll see. Because you’ll wear these for the rest of the day.”

Then he leaned down, taking one of her nipples into the warmth of his mouth. She groaned loudly, gripping his shoulders to prevent herself from falling over. The man had a talented mouth. Talented hands. Hell, he was talented, period. Nadia had never had a lover pay attention to her reactions with such a single-minded purpose as Kane did. It made her feel special, important. As if her pleasure was more important than his own. It made her even more determined to give him pleasure in return.


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So this happened…

You may or may not know that I’m in this anthology here, 12 Alphas 12 Months. It is a collection of multicultural stories revolving around our heroes posing for a charity calendar. My story, Prescription for Love, is Mr. May.

Today I woke to the happy news that our little anthology that could made the USA Today Top 150 list. We’re at 119. For my first indie effort, I will take that. I’m also being told that this is the first multicultural boxed set to make the list!


Thank you to everyone who preordered and bought a copy in the opening week. Your help is very much appreciated!


If you haven’t gotten your copy, the set is still available until September! Here’s the info:

A radio host & 1 sharp photographer decide to create a calendar to help fathers & children in need. Calling in strong, hunky alphas nation-wide, twelve men will step up – and take it off. From January to December, each of these 12 men have a story, and they will bare it all for you, and for a good cause!

With an alpha for every month, this is the year of your dreams!

12 Alphas 12 Months Boxed Set is out now!



Making Plans and Apologies

So excited to be headed to New York for the Romance Writers of America national conference. Normally I don’t go every year, but NYC’s conference will always be a must-attend for me.

This is my first time sitting on an RWA panel– 50 Shades of Love: Writing the Multicultural Romance (RESEARCH) which will be at 2pm on Friday. There are two other multicultural panels this year as well, both are on Thursday.

  • Diversity in Romance: Why it Matters (WRITER’S LIFE) will be at 9:45
  • Multicultural Romance: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, and How to Make it Right (CAREER) at 3:15

This year, my focus is on career building and my production schedule. I have only one indie project this year (Prescription for Love, in the 12 Alphas 12 Months anthology that released earlier this month.) It is a sequel of sorts to Three Wishes and my goal is to expand it so that I can release it and Nick and Maya’s wedding story, Four Hearts, together.

It was my intention to release these this year, but sometimes life happens, which it did late last year/earlier this year. I had a delay in finishing the contracted book for the Sugar and Spice, which pushed everything back by four months. Which meant my indie projects have to give. Not the contracted stuff, not the day job stuff, but the things you’ve been asking me for. For that, I’m sorry.

So where do things stand? I have one more contracted book for the Sugar and Spice series, NAUGHTY. I really enjoy writing about these friends and their issues with various forms of addiction and recovery, and I hope I can write more of them. We’ll see when I work on the proposal after turning in book 3. Once I turn that book and the proposal in, I plan to work on expanding PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE . I also plan on working on SHADOW HUNT and the true sequel to Three Wishes which is FOUR HEARTS. Someone asked about Sons of Anubis. I would love to continue those stories too. I’ve planned another three in that series, but now I’m wondering is I could/should do some crossover with the Shadowchaser series.

Anyway, that’s where I am, and why I’m heading to New York to learn, to recharge, and put the pedal to the floor. Thanks to all of you for your patience and support!

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The Ingredients of SPICE

Spice cover

In one week, my latest book, SPICE will be released! I’m going to celebrate by doing a book-a-day giveaway over on Facebook. I hope you’ll stop by—it’s a super-easy contest since I’m far too busy with two jobs and lazy to do anything elaborate.

Today I’d like to tell you a little more about what SPICE is all about. It’s about a cafe owner and a professor of human sexuality reenacting scenes from a medieval sex manual. That’s the high-concept. But it’s more than that.

SPICE is also about addiction, obsession, recovery. It’s about second chances, and sometimes third chances. It’s about being strong when you’re weak, being strong enough to show weakness to the ones who care about you. Nadia is a former reality TV chef turned recovering drug addict. She’s been clean and sober for nearly four years and thinks it’s now time to end her sexual drought. Professor Kaname Sullivan does freelance profiles on sexual predators for various government agencies. They both need distractions. They both need each other.

What starts out as very hot sex ignites into something much more. But it’s going to take more than sex manuals and multiple orgasms for these two to achieve their happy ending.  In the end, they prove that love is the spice of life!

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