Author Katherine D. Jones

“I don’t think I am the same person emotionally as when I wrote Love Worth Fighting For five additional books down the line. I’m still confused about where to put the darned commas, but I hope I’ve given readers characters that are three-dimensional that you can root for, situations that are funny, or exciting, or dangerous, and used words that are thought-provoking. My goal in 1997 when I first started to write is the same now in 2007–to entertain from the moment in time that you first pick up my book until you get to the last word. Simple. I’m not here to save the world, but just to give ya a little spice, a little drama, and a little excitement in your day.”

Katherine D. Jones, author of six romance novels, wrote those words on April 4th of this year. She died last week.

Thank you for your stories, Katherine. You will be missed.