Ah, the Day Job

“Work is an essential part of being alive. Your work is your identity. It tells you who you are. It’s gotten so abstract. People don’t work for the sake of working. They’re working for a car, a new house, or a vacation. It’s not the work itself that’s important to them. There’s such a joy in doing work well.”

-Kay Stepkin, U.S. baker. As quoted in Working, book 8, by Studs Terkel

This week wasn’t a bad week at the day job. I actually really like my day job. This week, however, I resented the hell out of it.

Why? Because I was on a writing tear, I mean a good writing tear, and I kept having to interrupt it to GO TO WORK.

Ah, but what light through yon window breaks? (Or something like that) That word that causes schoolkids to squee and part-time writers to sigh?


The old Go-Go’s tune is running through my head this weekend, and I’m trying not to grin like an idiot.

After a brief stop in the office to make sure the burning embers do not becoming towering infernos, I will be on vacation. Tuesday morning, I hop a plane to go have some quality time in a cabin on a river where no cell phones work. Sheer bliss.
I suppose you’re curious to know what I’m taking with me besides No 99 sunblock. Three books actually:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) and Variable Star and

Creepin’: Payback Is A Bitch\The Heat Of The Night\Vamped\Balancing The Scales\Avenging Angel

I had the HP book for more than a year, forgot I had it, and bought the trade size too. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it before Book 7 hits the shelves. Variable Star I’m taking because a friend let me borrow it a few months ago and told me I would enjoy how Spider Robinson meshed his voice and style with Heinlein’s. I’m partially through both books and I’m enjoying both of them.

Creepin’ I’m taking because I know most of the authors in this book on sight–we’ve all breathed the same air in the same hotel at one point or another. Gotta support my sistahs. I’m also taking it because, even though it’s put out by Harlequin, it’s not a romance, and I’m quite curious about it. Third, I’ve read these women, and they can write their tails off.

No romances, which is deliberate, because I’m also taking pens and paper and plan to write when I’m not reading and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, this will be a real vacation–the hardest choice I’ll be making will be whether to put on a bra or not. But not having to stress over the day job means my mind will be busy elsewhere, and that “elsewhere” is where the writing comes from.

My rule is to never read a romance while I’m writing one, unless it’s completely outside of the subgenre I’m working on or I’m not on a deadline. Since I’m working on three anthology-length stories in three subgenres , no romances can come with me. What are they, you ask? Well, I can’t tell you that yet. Let’s just say that I’d hoped to ramp up my writing production, and the Universe answered in spades.

So what are you planning to do on your summer vacation?