A Tale of Two $20's

So yesterday, my sister and I went to the Michael C. Carlos Museum on Emory University’s campus. This museum is most famous for having the mummy of Ramesses I and donating it back to the Cairo Museum in Egypt. I went because my sister and I have both long been fascinated with Ancient Egypt, and they have a great collection. They also just opened a special exhibition of Nubian Treasures and I wanted to see it.

For $20, my sister and I got admission to the museum and the audio tour. The Nubian exhibition was great and did what it was supposed to do–made me hungry to know more about this ancient civilization that gave the 25th Dynasty to Egypt. I’ve been doing some research ostensibly for an urban fantasy and my hero is an immortal Nubian, but really I’m completely fixated on the history.

The exhibit was awesome, and I bought some books from the museum store that will further my research.  There are lectures coming up later this month and next that I hope to attend as a human sponge.  I won’t be able to work on that urban fantasy for a while, but I’m so glad the exhibit’s there.

After the museum, we went to the movies.  Unfortunately at 4 pm, there was only one show we wouldn’t have to wait 40 minutes for: Jumper, based on a 1992 novel by Stephen Gould.  Apparently Regal Theaters has abolished not only the matinee, but the $9 ticket.  Jumper cost us $10 each.  Add to that $7 for a large popcorn (we stopped and bought candy and sodas at a convenience store) and the movie cost more than our museum trip did.

As for the movie, all I can hope is that the book is better.  Too many holes and unanswered questions.  How does a guy in Post-911 America get through airport security with a backpack stuffed with loose cash?  If the NSA knows who he is (Samuel L Jackson visits his apartment) then why not flag his passport so he can’t fly out of the country with his girlfriend?  ANd please don’t get me started on the girlfriend.

The bottom line is, no more so-so movies for me.  If movies are going to cost me $20 (I can’t go without my popcorn) then it better be a fla-damn movie from now on.  Otherwise, I’m going to buy books instead.